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Daydu Alfaro

Name- Daydu Alfaro

Age- 19

Birthday- December 27th 1994

Year- Freshman

Major- Political Science and Spanish

1. Hobbies- “I love to go out to eat and drink with friends, party a little, read books and travel. The clubs I participate in would be KUGAR, KeanCru, Kean Law, ALAS, Human Rights, Cougar Volunteer, Club Colombia and I was the freshman class president also part of student government.”

2. Celebrity crush- Zac Efron

3. Single or taken- Single

4. So what are some of your pet peeves?

“One of my top pet peeves is when someone starts telling me what to do.”

5. What are some of physical or personality traits you look for in a guy?

“There definitely has to be physical attraction because with no physical attraction I’m not going to be interested in getting to know him better.”

6. How would you describe your dream guy?

“Hmm I wish he could be a gentleman, respect me, be there for me, be also understandable and he has to be smart.”

7. What is your perfect date/or the most romantic date you have been on?

“I wish guys could be romantic now days. But regular dates, we went to New York City to walk around Times Square and after that we went to a restaurant. It was normal. I wish a guy could be more creative by having little details.”

8. What is the craziest thing a guy has ever done for or to you?

“Something crazy a guy has done for me? It would be call my parents and tell them if my mom could help him get with me.”

9. What is something that’s very unique about you?

“Unique? I feel that I’m very demanding and I have crazy leadership skills.”

10. So if your perfect guy was reading this, what would you want him to know?

“If the perfect guy was reading this I would tell him to keep being the way he is. It wouldn’t matter to me if he reads it or not. Just keep being the way you are because there is that one girl or many girls that considers a guy like you as “the perfect guy”.”

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