The best comfort foods and drinks to help you stay energized for finals

If you are a student who hates taking tests, then you are not the only one. Many students dread taking exams, especially in college because they have to cram so much information in their heads in short amount of time.

Here are some comfort foods and drinks to help you stay energized during finals!


1. Scrambled eggs

Eggs are very heathly and have a great amount of protein. They are also great with a side of turkey sausage, some bacon, or on a sandwich.

2. Fruit salad

Fruit may not seem like a full meal to you, but it is essential in a daily diet. It will also keep you full and feeling refreshed during your exams.

3. Bagels

A traditional food that people tend to grab while on the go is a fresh bagel. Bagels come in a variety of different bread types like wheat, seseame seed, poppy seed, and etc. You can get any topping you desire on it and just like fruit, it will keep you going all day.


    1. Coffee

    Coffee is not the most healthy drink to have, but it does keep you awake for at least five to six hours. It is the ideal drink to have when you are taking your tests.

    2. Water

    Water is an essential drink to have in your body on a daily basis. It is also important to bring this during your exam so you don't become dehyrdriated.

    3. Smoothie

    Don't have time to eat a whole fruit salad, then grab yourself a delicious smoothie. Smoothies are great because they combine fruit and other natural products to prevent you from becoming hungry.

      Hope these tips help you stay up beat and fully prepared for your finals!  

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