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This just in: you can decorate for Fall to your hearts content, and you can do it on a budget! Let’s talk about the first part of your home that any visitor or neighbor sees: your front porch. Now, maybe your front porch isn’t the front of stand-alone house, but is your apartment doorstep, dorm floor hall, or sorority house! Wherever you call home, you have great options to dress it up and make it your own, and you can do so on a budget. Now, let’s get to it… cozy fall vibes coming to your front porch soon!


Budget friendly fall décor doesn’t exi– stop right there, yes it does. Pumpkins, crab apples, pinecones, and leaves. A local Walmart carries pumpkins for $, and crab apples, pinecones, and leaves can be found among trees and on the ground of our sidewalks! Crab apples and/or pinecones can be pared with pumpkins by stacking them on top of the pumpkins or placing them at their bases, or they can stand alone in a pyramid style or in a small pot. This adds nice dimension to your porch, and are great fillers for small places or awkward spots. 


DIY idea alert!! You can actually preserve the color of your fall leaves in three simple steps. Pick the leaves you want, iron the leaves or press it flat in with a heavy book (maybe put those school books to great use!), and lastly, brush the leaves on each side with Mod Podge or melted bees wax. You can hang these up to dry and BOOM, beautiful fall colors that last through the winter! A bonus to this activity is, after you’ve preserved the leaves, you can make your own wreath or garland with your beautiful fall colors.


DIY idea alert…again! If you love the fall staple of getting pumpkins, but aren’t fond of the mess made by carving them, then this is for you. Try painting pumpkins! You could do any design or theme that you want, and lots of inspiration can be found through Pinterest by adding the word “aesthetic” to the end of your searches. For example, it could look something like this: fall aesthetic, pink aesthetic, neutral aesthetic, or even, Disney aesthetic… you get the idea! Go dream up your fabulous artist ideas and get those cozy vibes on! Painted pumpkins can be unique and personal additions to your front porch!


For our last fall decorating tip on a budget, let’s mosey on over to good ‘ol Hobby Lobby. We all know places like this, the type where you walk in for craft glue and come out with a new flower vase, themed paper plates, two new paint colors, and let’s not forget about that throw pillow that you found for your mom. So, if you manage to stay on task in here, believe it or not, it is possible to walk out with your budget still in check. Hobby Lobby always has a plethora of goods for each season and every holiday, and for fall, they carry little door plaques, small hangable pillows, and a variety of other small-scale décor, most of which are under $12 and are perfect for hanging on front doors! Hobby Lobby rotates their sales every week or so, so keep your eye out for their deal days, plus, you should always Google “Hobby Lobby 40% coupon” and show the barcode at checkout to receive the discount off of any full price item!


Now that you know it’s possible to get your fall dreams on with a budget, don’t forget to glance at the pictures of styled pumpkins and crabapples we added in this article for you, plus an idea of how to style a cute door plaque and pillow from Hobby Lobby! We hope these ideas give you some needed inspo to go and create your own fall front porch. Happy cozy season, and happy decorating! 


Meggie Fowler

K State '22

-Junior at Kansas State, studying Communications and Entrepreneurship -Writer for Her Campus KSU -Dreamer, and lover of small joys
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