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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at K State chapter.

We all know that working from home can decrease your productivity. With distractions (and the comfort of your bed) right around you, it can be a little too easy to stray from class. By creating a functional at-home study space you can distinguish between your education and personal life, making the time you spend at your desk more worthwhile. Here are my helpful tips for creating a productive at-home study space. 


Separate Work and Home

Without physically leaving for class, it can be difficult to engage in learning from home. By creating a separate workspace that is used only for school, you can better distance yourself from the parts of your house that slow your progress. If you don’t have a separate room to use as a makeshift office, don’t fret! Simply using a corner of your bedroom away from your bed can lessen the temptation of a midday nap.


Make it Your Own

    Creating a personal space that you love can bring you joy and excitement for working. Customize your area by adding a plant or two, a fun lamp, or painting a basic white desk. You could take this opportunity to get crafty, or simply support your local artist by commissioning work. This space is all yours, so the possibilities are truly endless!


Less is More

    As exciting as it can be to include lots of photos and decorations on your desk, they can become distracting and take up valuable space if you’re not careful. Strategically turning these items into removable decorations can help you minimize your distractions. Affordable photo frames can be found at your local dollar store or Target, and can easily be moved off of your desk if you need more room. Alternatively, placing your desk by a window can eliminate the need for a desk lamp during the day and give your space gorgeous natural lighting.

Pro tip: Finding photo frames from antique or thrift shops is a unique and stylish way to show off your favorite memories!


Under Desk Storage

    Having supplies on hand is essential to a study space, but keeping these items on your desk can become cluttered and distracting. Investing in storage organizers to keep books, writing instruments, and more near your desk keeps your supplies in a convenient place without compromising valuable tabletop space. IKEA offers an array of storage solutions that won’t break the bank.


Above all, it is important to give yourself grace when working from home. Remember that we are living through unprecedented times, and it is totally normal to be less productive than you were pre-pandemic. While creating a study space can help you finish what needs to be done, always remember to take mindful breaks and put your mental health first.

Caroline Gambill is a member of K-State's class of 2022, studying Secondary Education and Biology.
Sydney is the Co-Founder and President of the Kansas State Her Campus chapter. Sydney is currently a junior majoring in Journalism and Mass Communications at Kansas State University with an emphasis in Digital Marketing. She is also is minoring in Psychology, and hopes to one day pursue a career in the social media marketing industry. Sydney spends her free time as a portrait and creative photographer in the greater Kansas City, MO, and Manhattan, KS areas.