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A Juniata Campus C-U-T-I-E

Being a campus cutie at Juniata means a lot more than having nice hair and a contagious smile. At Juniata our cuties go above and beyond the call of “cutie duty”. Being a campus cutie at Juniata means the following.


C- Community Oriented

U- Unity Focused

T- Talented

I- Intellectual 

E- Extraordinary

Community Oriented

Juniata places a great amount of emphasis on being community oriented. Each month students log community service hours to show how we give back. The Community Service Office is dedicated to promoting civic engagement and social responsibility through service learning. Students at Juniata strive to create positive change that addresses needs in the local community and beyond. Each year the Community Service office also leads a service-learning trip. If you’re interested in the trip or other community service opportunities contact Abbey Baird at [email protected] .

Unity Focused

Juniata students are accepting and supportive of diversity on campus. In 2005 the Unity house was created. The Unity House on campus is home to the Office of Diversity & Inclusion and the Campus Ministry. As a campus community we are constantly striving to be more inclusive and meet the growing cultural and spiritual needs of students.


Juniata is a liberal arts school so no matter where you look you find campus cuties blessed with unique talents. Whether you’re spending time in the pottery studio or our theater’s black box, talented students flood our campus. In addition, our new digital push and play recording studio enables any student to show off their talents and star in their own animated shows.


Our students are smart. And smart is sexy. Need I say more?


At Juniata you will find a population of over-achievers. Being a campus cutie means you’re extraordinary in everything that you do from your class work to extracurricular activities. Juniata is unusual; it’s a special place that brings out something extraordinary in all of its students as they begin to call this place home. 


Email [email protected] to nominate a Juniata Campus C-U-T-I-E!

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