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JC Presents: Indian Ink Theatre Company

We had the joy of hosting the Indian Ink Theatre Company from New Zealand from the 3rd to the 4th November. It was recommended to my by a friend who went on the first night.


I was a little apprehensive about going as I wasn’t sure what the performance was about, I didn’t even know who the Indian Ink Theatre Company were. However after watching it I loved every second of it!

The performance was of The Elephant Wrestler, a story told my one man and his mute musician. Jacob Rajan plays a whole list of characters flawlessly switching between; creating unique voices as well as identifiable characters through body language. The musician, Dave performed songs with the beautiful banjo twang that created the perfect Indian atmosphere as well as sound effects to project the emotions and dilemmas that unfolded throughout the performance.


Creating a whirlwind of emotions produced by one man alone is impressive. Switching from humorous audience participation to heartbreak at revelations you never would expect truly engulfs the audience, as you follow the story of Kutisar, a lowly Chaiwallah (tea seller), when one young abandoned girl changes his life forever.

The Indian Ink Theatre Company are touring the US and various universities, not only to perform but to help theatre classes in workshops. You should definitely check them out

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