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Your Guide to Looking Ahead at Spring Fashion Trends!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at JMU chapter.

Welcome back collegiettes™!  Now that winter break is officially over and school is in session, we’re left with over two months of cold, dreary weather.  If you’re anything like me, I yearn for the day I can put away my gloves and heavy winter coats!  
Have a case of the winter blues?  Wish that spring would just get here already?  Although there’s nothing you can do about the weather, you can get an early start on spring shopping!  It’s never too early to start planning for the next season –  in fact, it’s strongly encouraged! When spring does officially arrive (March 20th, mark your calendars!), you will be ahead of the game!
As you make your smooth transition into new classes, keep these spring trends in mind.  But first, let’s take a look at the colors of spring…     

Pantone’s Fashion Color Report based on Spring 2012 Runway Shows (numbered according to the percentage of designers who used each color) 
1. Tangerine Tango, 2. Solar Power, 3. Sodalite Blue, 4. Cabaret, 5. Starfish, 6. Margarita, 7. Sweet Lilac, 8. Driftwood, 9. Bellflower, 10. Cockatoo
Part of preparing for a new season of fashion is knowing what the key colors are.  For all of you fashionistas who love head-turning and brilliantly bright hues, I have good news!  According to Pantone (the “world authority” on color), bright colors such as Tangerine Tango and Solar Power are not only going to be sticking around for another season, but they’ve been deemed must-have colors for 2012.  

Orange you Ready for Spring?

(Pictured:  Jill Stuart, Derek Lam, Peter Som)
Before the start of fashion week, Pantone predicated that Tangerine Tango would be the most popular color of spring, and they were right!  Be prepared for orange fever, because it’s coming!  Orange jeans, orange dresses, orange accessories, orange shoes…make it your mission to invest in lots and lots of orange over the next few months!

Pastel Pretty

(Pictured:  3.1 Phillip Lim, Preen)
If you’re not one for bold colors, don’t fret!  Pastel colors and sorbet hues such as mint green, coral and orchid also made a huge showing in spring shows.  With spring falling during the month of Easter, it only seems appropriate that we brighten up our wardrobes and leave winter behind.  From in-your-face orange to light and airy pastels, you should be able to find a hue that strikes your fancy! 

Get Peppy for the Peplum

(Pictured:  Left: Jason Wu, Right: both from Modcloth)
If you’re a classy lady, then you’re going to love the peplum!  A peplum is any overskirt or ruffle that appears at the waistline of a skirt, top or dress.  This is one runway trend that shouldn’t be intimidating in the least.  Take one look at Jason Wu’s gorgeous pink peplum skirt shown above and tell me you aren’t already falling for this ‘60s classic!    
Guaranteed to add a little extra oomph to your appearance and give you that hourglass figure you’ve always wanted, the peplum will be your best friend.  Pair your peplum dresses and skirts with heels and appear instantly glamorous.  To achieve a casual, but chic ensemble for class, try pairing a peplum shirt with skinny leg jeans and ballet flats.  (I can’t wait to try out this look for myself!)  Believe me when I say that a little peplum goes a long way!
B is for Birds

(Pictured:  Left: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Right: ASOS)
Prints were everywhere in spring shows and, boy, were they bold!  Unlike past seasons when polka dots, stripes and leopard prints took center stage, this spring has been dubbed the season for birds.  Yes, you heard correctly, birds! 
This up-and-coming trend is one that every collegiette™ can rock!  From pretty blouses and cute dresses to casual scarves, these chirpy critters can be found on everything.  For a whimsical look, throw on a bird printed sweater and let the compliments roll in!  If your style is super girly, then consider trying a skirt covered with birdies.  Fashion is supposed to be about having fun, so why not partake in this quirky trend?  If you’re not ready to give birds a chance, don’t worry!  Graphic floral prints, zigzags and geometric schemes were all over the catwalk as well and should not be ignored.

Drop-Waist Gorgeous

(Pictured:  Left: Gucci, Right: ASOS)
Obsessed with Daisy Buchanan’s style in the Great Gatsby?  Looking for a dress that you can just throw on effortlessly?  Well, thanks to the revival of drop-waist dresses, you too can be a twenties-loving flapper girl. 
Never be constrained by too-tight dresses again! Hailing from the Roaring Twenties, this dress silhouette sits low on your waist and is super comfortable.  The best part is that they can be worn during the day or at night.  For a night out, opt for a sophisticated drop-waist dress embellished with gold or sequins.  For class, layer a cotton drop-waist dress with a cute cardigan and don some flats.  It’s really that easy!  Before you know it, the drop-waist dress will be a staple in your closet! 
Crop that Top

(Pictured:  Nanette Lepore, Emilio Pucci, Oscar de la Renta
Ladies, it’s time to hit the gym and start working on those abs!  If staying in shape was your New Year’s resolution, then you’re already one step closer to being crop-top-ready!  Wear them with jeans, a cute skirt, or even over a dress!  This is one trend that will leave you with endless style possibilities! 
The great thing about crop -tops is that you can cater them to your style.  Whether you’re attracted to clothing that is ultra-feminine or totally effortless, these midriff baring tops can work for you.  Don’t fall for the misconception that crop -tops are a tacky throwback from the ‘90s!  Oscar de la Renta proves that crop -tops can actually be quite lady-like (and even appropriate for eveningwear!).     
Whereas cropped t-shirts err on the casual side, lacy crop-tops are much more chic and sophisticated.  While some crop-tops reveal a lot of skin, others show just a smidge.  (Just remember to keep it classy, don’t go too short!)  By pairing crop-tops with high-waisted skirts or by layering them on top of your summery dresses, you can avoid exposing any skin at all.  So you see, everyone wins with this trend! 

Three Ways to Wear Crop Tops:

1. A pristine lace crop-top and sequin covered skirt will keep you looking sweet and feminine this spring.     
2. You can never go wrong with a look that is comfy, cute and casual.  A laid-back crop-top and black jeans is simple, yet chic.
3.  If you’re already daydreaming about spring, then start incorporating crop-tops into your wardrobe now!  Layer a tank top underneath your crop-top and add a chunky knit sweater for extra warmth.

Now that you know what the hottest colors and most noteworthy trends for spring are, start building your collection today!

Anjerika Wilmer is a senior at James Madison University, pursuing a degree in Art History and Media Arts & Design with a concentration in Journalism. In addition to being a Branch Manager for Her Campus, Anjerika is a contributing writer for Her Campus JMU. Over the summer, she spent five weeks abroad in Vienna, Austria in search of “the Good.” After her inspirational trip to Vienna, Anjerika hopes to see more of the world, specifically Paris and London. Obsessed with all things girly and feminine, nothing makes her happier than classic cardigans, pleated skirts and oxford shoes! A full-fledged fashionista, Anjerika dedicates her spare time to reading fashion magazines, studying runway, blogging and swooning over Olivia Palermo’s impeccable style. As for the future, she plans to attend graduate school and pursue a career in fashion journalism. Moleskine journal in hand, Anjerika is ready to take the fashion world by storm!