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1. Cherry Red

It’s a great color to wear on your nails because it gives you a little pop of color and is also very festive. You can also get an accent nail that is white and red to look like a candy cane or a cute little Santa.     



2. Gold

This color is perfect with any holiday outfit, work outfit, or an everyday look. It will catch people’s eyes and is a good way to draw attention to your jewelry as well!


3. Navy Blue

Navy Blue is a very pretty darker color that always works after Christmas time and for New Year’s. This goes with anything and you can always dress this color up with some designs and accent nails to finish the look.


4. Nude

A nude color allows your nails not to be the main focus of the look but it compliments your jewelry and will go along with any look.


5. Dark Green

This is another festive color that can also be worn after the holidays. Dark colors are in when it comes to Winter time and looks great with a gold sparkle.

Hi my name is Mackenzie. I'm 18 and from Newport News, Virginia. I am majoring in Health Science with a Pre-Phyisican Assistant concentration. I love Mexican food and dessert from Ehall(: I love to go shopping at TJ Maxx and watching make up tutorials online.
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