Which Grey’s Anatomy Character are You?

It’s your night off of work. What are your plans?

A. What night off? I’ll still be working, even if it’s from home.

B. Online shopping and maybe even some baking!

C. Dancing around in my underwear to my favorite songs.

D. Tequila shots at the local bar.

E. Going out and hitting on any attractive person that comes my way.

F. Night in with my S.O.!

What’s your idea of a dream wedding?

A. Wedding? That would imply that I want to get married…

B. A Pinterest-y barn with butterflies, stringy lights, and cupcakes!

C. Somewhere surrounded by all of my friends and family.

D. Local courthouse, short and sweet! No need for all the fuss.

E. If it’s with the right person, I don’t care where it is.

F. Something spontaneous! Planning a wedding is too stressful anyways.

There’s someone in class/at work that you have a crush on. What’s the first thing you do?

A. That would never happen. I’m too focused to get involved with anyone!

B. Blush and giggle obnoxiously whenever the person is around (not obvious at all, right?).

C. Flirt, flirt, flirt. I know how to have fun!

D. Run for cover. No time for awkward breakups when you have to see the person every. single. day.

E. Start acting short and uninterested around them in order to mask the feelings.

F. It’s all in the eyes.

Which kind of coffee describes you best?

A. Black. Like my soul.

B. I don’t need caffeine; I’m just naturally bubbly!

C. I don’t care what kind it is, as long I have LOTS of it before I step my foot out the door in the a.m.

D. Vanilla Latte. Not too sweet, but not too bitter.

E. Medium roast with some creamer, just a classic cup o’ joe.

F. Iced all the way.

What’s your favorite color?

A. Grey

B. Pink

C. Red

D. Blue

E. Brown

F. Green

If you got…

Mostly A’s: Christina Yang. You are the epitome of super woman. You’re focused, determined, and won’t let love (or anyone, for that matter) get in the way of your success. This is all great, but you could probably benefit from loosening up a little. Life’s too short!

Mostly B’s: April Kepner. You probably love sparkles and online shopping. People typically label you as an all-around girly girl. You can be shy sometimes, but this only means that you have great listening skills and can be an amazing friend!

Mostly C’s: Callie Torres. You have sass written all over you. When it comes to love, let’s just say you most likely wear the pants in the relationship. You have a big personality but also a sweet side, as family is one of the most important things in your life.

Mostly D’s: Meredith Grey. You are a down-to-business kind of person. You know how to take charge and get things done, but when the work’s over, you know how to have fun as well (tequila in hand). Maybe you’ve had some relationship blunders in the past, or maybe you’re in a relationship, but that hasn’t stopped you from maintaining your independent attitude.

Mostly E’s: Alex Karev. You have a tough exterior, and you’re maybe even known for “playing the field” in the past. However, as much as you try to hide it, you’re a softy underneath and are looking for the right person with whom to eventually settle down.

Mostly F’s: Jackson Avery. You’re empathetic, motivated, and probably extremely good-looking. You’re the person who everyone wants to talk to at the party, and you constantly impress people with your laid-back, ‘cool guy’ attitude.