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When You’re the Last of Your Friends to Turn 21

I love parties. Like, a little too much. But now that I’m a senior, I’m honestly getting tired of beer-soaked floors, echos of “who do you know here?”, and an utter lack of toilet paper at frats. All I can think about is finally being 21.

With my birthday coming up (October 1st!), the anticipation is absolutely killing me. But since I’m still stuck waiting a few more days, I figured this may be my last chance to discuss the rollercoaster of emotions that you’ll go through if you’re the last in your friend group to turn 21.

​1. Your friends turn 21 – life is good. 



You have never seen so many Jell-O shots in your life, and honestly, you could get used to this. Your weekends for the next few months are going to be packed with good times.


2. You Realize that You’re Actually an Infant

Any time you and your friends go out to eat, you suddenly feel like you belong in a high chair. Your girls are drinking Mimosas and fancy Margaritas, and you’re stuck with Pepsi or something- which may as well be in a sippy cup.


3. Your Friends are MIA from Thursday Night until Sunday Morning

As more and more of your friends are finally legal, they’re all going places that you can’t get in. And if they’re not going out, they’re probably studying. So, sit back and enjoy the drunken Snapchat stories from the comfort of your bed because that’s as close as you’re getting to the action.



4. It’s Almost Your Birthday

You have never been so excited for something in your entire life. You have also never talked about anything so much in your entire life. Everyone is super excited for you (and all the free alcohol at your party), but if you’re anything like me, they probably can’t wait for your birthday so that you’ll finally be quiet about it.



5. The Big Day Arrives

All the waiting is finally over, and now you’re in the elusive 21 club! It’s gonna be a night to remember (or not). Just make sure you live it up, because this is the last really exciting birthday you’ll have… Unless you’re like me, and your inner-grandma can’t wait for that sick retirement party.


Sarah is an SCOM (Public Relations) and SMAD (Digital Video & Cinema) double major. She can be found befriending every puppy she sees, talking excessively about Rocky Horror, and drinking way more caffeine than is probably safe for one human to consume.
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