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What NOT to Wear: Recruitment Edition

Some collegiettes have their hearts set on joining a sorority since the moment they learn what Greek Life is. Others are unsure about the whole process but decide to go through recruitment anyway. Whatever your situation is, chances are you’ve got a few questions on what to do about your wardrobe during the course of the week. We get it; finding outfits for recruitment is nerve-wracking! At JMU, the Panhellenic Council has established a “no-frills” policy, meaning you definitely don’t need to go purchase an entirely new closet. Work with what you have and show off your personality! To help you with this, we’ve compiled a list of what not to wear to sorority recruitment.

Flip-flops or stripper heels
Both of these options are dangerous and uncomfortable. You’re not at the beach anymore, so leave your flip-flops at home! They make annoying sounds and with so many girls walking in and out of the sorority houses, it’s super easy to have someone accidentally step on your feet. As for the heels, you’re going to be doing an incredible amount of standing and walking so give your feet a break and leave your stilettos at home. Opt instead for a comfortable pair of flats or low heels. Jack Rogers sandals, for example, are a great choice for making a cute and comfortable fashion statement on your feet!

Your “going out” clothes
We know you love the turquoise bandage dress you just bought from the Urban Outfitters website, and we’re sure we’d love it too – if it was a Saturday night. Ladies, please leave your tight-fitting “going out” dresses and shirts in your closet this week. We’re interested in seeing your personality, not your…ahem… “personality” if you know what we mean. A good rule of thumb: Would your grandmother mind seeing you in this outfit? If she would have a heart attack seeing you leave the house in whatever you’re wearing, it’s probably best to go with something more loose-fitting or with a longer hemline. Try going for simple, flattering A-line dresses in bright patterns that will help you stand out in a crowd!

Your favorite high school T-shirt
Showing off your interests and hometown pride is great; you’ll probably be asked about it a lot, but you run the risk of looking too casual. Remember that you want to set your best impression the moment you walk into a house, and that begins with your outfit. Therefore, any sort of graphic design on a shirt is a little risky. We’ve all seen the classic white tee styled gracefully with accessories and cute shoes, but the row doesn’t quite need to know about your love of the New York Yankees just yet. Also, if you do choose to wear jeans, make sure they’re not ripped.

Enough bling to make Nicki Minaj jealous
Accessories are awesome during recruitment! Oftentimes a key piece in an outfit will stand out to a sister and help you get remembered. However, in this case less is definitely more. If you show up with six necklaces, bracelets stacked up to your elbows and a glittery headband, we’d genuinely be concerned that you just robbed Claire’s. Figure out what your “thing” is. Do you love wearing bows or are you all about statement necklaces? Pick one feature to accessorize and go for it. This way, we can truly appreciate your flawless sense of style and how put together your outfit looks.

Practice looking stylish, but don’t be afraid to let your fashion sense fly during recruitment! Each and every sorority on the row is excited to get to know you and your personality in order to help you find your home away from home. Whatever outfits you choose, remember to rock them with confidence and recruitment will be a breeze! Good luck!

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