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The What NOT To Buy For Christmas Gifts

1. Socks

Everyone already has enough socks and they cost less to nothing so they could feel like you did not want to spend any money on them.


2. Wrinkle Cream

Even if your grandma or mom might need wrinkle cream this is not the answer!! Instead get them gift cards to Ulta and they might catch the hint.


3. Clothing

Depending who you are shopping for this may vary. Men are always easy to clothes shop for but women are more difficult because you don’t want to make them self-conscious.


4. Pets

Unless it is for your children or significant other, pets are never a good idea because the kids are never the ones who remain responsible for them.


5. Gym Membership

This is always a touchy subject and make the gift receiver self- conscious because they think you don’t like them the way the are.

Hi my name is Mackenzie. I'm 18 and from Newport News, Virginia. I am majoring in Health Science with a Pre-Phyisican Assistant concentration. I love Mexican food and dessert from Ehall(: I love to go shopping at TJ Maxx and watching make up tutorials online.
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