What I Took Away from Attending March for Our Lives

What I Took Away from Attending "March for Our Lives"


I attended March for Our Lives this past Saturday, the 24th with mild expectations. The subject at hand would be support for gun control legislation and the speakers would declare the many steps that I already support. I was certain I was excited to go in opposition to gun violence and eager to draw attention to this political catastrophe. The event though was so much more than what I thought it would be. The rally was empowering, touching and impressive, proving that being civically active, even if you’re uncertain, is worth a short car ride to D.C or missing a class. Here are my major takeaways, some I already knew and some I learned, from the rally.


1. Our Generation is the Key

As I type this article for a college-age audience, I feel the need to focus on this point first. The subject of gun control is one causing gridlock in Congress and when analyzing who cares most about the topic you find that younger ages support new legislation. This is important because if our generation unites and acts as one then the change is much more likely to happen.


2. Youth Are Powerful

I’ve never been more in awe of another person as I was of every speaker at this rally. The youngest was Martin Luther King Jr.’s granddaughter, who didn’t even need notecards while talking to 800,000 people. There were multiple kids around the age 11 and each one didn’t even look phased by the crowd in front of them. The older students had created speeches that didn’t just explain the horrors they’ve gone through perfectly but also addressed the political options going forward. The ability to hype up the crowd with their powerful words was also a great addition.


3. Always Try to Put your Problems in Perspective

Standing with thousands of people and sharing tissues is a powerful moment. The victims’, families’ and witnesses’ stories weren’t just tough to hear but were inspiring. If these people can continue to fight after what they’ve experienced then we can help them as much as we can. It was a humbling moment for a college girl who tends to get dramatic over small things.


4. Voting is the Answer

There can be hundreds of rallies in the world but that won’t change legislation unless people vote more. The most common chant at the rally was, “Vote them out.” A simple phrase that has the simple meaning that if legislators don’t start to act then they won’t be returning to their positions after the next upcoming elections. Their important points were that voting in midterm elections and local elections were just as or more important than the presidential ones.