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Many people dislike this joyous day to celebrate love and I think it’s because they aren’t seeing the bigger picture.

You don’t have to have a date to go on or a soulmate to say “I love you” too on Valentine’s Day, it’s much more than that. It’s one day, the only day, where we all have to show compassion for each other. The one day we have to appreciate the ones around us without reason.

For one day a year, many people across the world collectively decide to wear red and pink, give each other candy hearts, and spread love amongst one another.

The traditions of Valentine’s Day are wholesome and fun. Traditions that have been promoting cuteness and kindness for years. One of my favorites, is of course decorating a Valentine’s mailbox as a kid and buying fun cards to put in your friends’ mailbox. I always had fun picking the type of cards I wanted and what candy treat I want to stick with them.

I remember as a kid that I looked forward to this just as much as the Christmas activities we did. Now, watching my younger brother get to go through the same, exciting process, I remember that it is the little things that bring us joy.

This day is also an excuse to go out and do fun things either with your significant other, best friend, or yourself. You can have a brunch with your friends and exchange gifts or go Valentine’s Day shopping. Maybe you’ll be surprised with a cute date or maybe you’ll want to surprise yourself with one.

Another factor we don’t take into consideration is the chocolate and gift deals! We all know Halloween is the time to buy boat loads of candy but so is Valentine’s Day. The best part is, you don’t have to use it for the holiday, you can just eat the chocolate for the fun of it. Also this is a good time to find some Christmas or birthday gifts if you don’t buy any for Valentine’s.

Not all gifts during this time are themed for the holiday but most of them still have the deals! So it’s the perfect time to go ahead and knock some early gift shopping out of the way.

And as if you needed a reason to just be nice to people, Valentine’s Day can do that too.

In times like ours today, we need each other more than ever. There are new struggles we have never faced and a different obstacle around every corner. We are isolated and more alone than before and we are all trying to get by and get through. We lost our sense of normalcy and all this changing and adapting is hard.

With this holiday, we all have something to smile about, even if you are hosting an anti-Valentine’s Day party, you are still joining in on the celebration. We have our reason for the season to be loving and empathetic. Valentine’s Day is the boost we all didn’t know we needed.

I am a freshman Media Arts and Design major at James Madison University. I love the outdoors, cartoons, and art! I also love to create things on the computer. I helped write and design my high school's yearbook all four years and had a senior position!
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