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Trinity Edralin: Music to Our Ears

As I sat down with communication major and music industry minor, Trinity Edralin, her bubbly personality commanded a presence in the room. 

Living all over the US, Trinity is a sophomore musician who has played numerous shows and who plays many instruments, including the ukulele! She also recorded music with Jason Mraz’s producers, which is a once in a lifetime opportunity, especially for those pursuing a musical career.

As I was asking her questions, her humbleness came out when she was describing to me her truly inspiring musical career, and what her future plans are.
Q: Tell me about what type of music you play, what your band is like, etc.
A: I play soulful stuff. Some call it Acoustic Jazz, Indie Funk, R&B Folk, but I haven’t necessarily discovered a way to label myself yet. My music is just my heart, pouring out of me in ways more than simply words can capture.
Q: Who are your musical inspirations?
A: Overall, Corrine Bailey Rae. Stevie Wonder. India Arie.
Conceptually, Little Dragon. Bon Iver. Jon Foreman.
If i could have anybody’s vocals though, Alicia Keys or Beyonce.
Q: What do you hope people get out of your lyrics and music?
A: Overall, I want people to understand what is truly beautiful. Truth, Patient, Peace, Passion… Through my music I aspire to reach those parts of person’s soul that are either difficult to listen to or talk about. Because, I believe, that if all people were more inspired to pursue loving more perfectly no one would ever need to feel powerless..
Q: What are your future goals both musically and non musically?
A: Musically, my goal is to be a professional stage-performing musician and/or songwriter. If I could have anything, I would want to have the opportunity to give my heart to the whole world. Non-musically, I would love to open up my own tea shop/bakery/music venue called “Trin-i-tea.” So look out Starbucks! :P
Q: What was your favorite performance you have ever done?
A: Hmmm.. I played a festival for the JMU theatre dept. called Fringe Festival. :] It was way fun.. Everyone danced!
I could only hope that Trinity’s passion for life rubbed off on everyone in the room because it was remarkable and refreshing to know that it still exists in people. You can find her playing shows around campus, serving drinks (and smiles) at Starbucks, or even on the quad, playing her ukulele.

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