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Top 5 Bad-Ass Women of the Marvel Cinematic Universe


1. Gamora

Thanos himself said it best: he raised Gamora to be the toughest woman in the galaxy. Yes, you read that right. The entire GALAXY. She’s smart and tough, but also has a kind heart despite being raised by the biggest a-hole of all time. She was willing to sacrifice herself to defeat Thanos, which says a lot about her strength of character.


2. Okoye

Okoye is the female hero we didn’t know we wanted, and the one we’ve always needed. She’s part of an elite, all-female guard that protects the Black Panther and Wakanda. She’s sassy and cool, and was completely willing to kill her own husband for Wakanda – Wakanda Forever, am I right?


3. Valkyrie


Also a member of an elite all-female squad, Valkyrie’s character got her name from the group of women hand-selected by Odin himself to be his personal warriors: The Valkyrie. After the rest of her girls were wiped out by Hela (ugh), she ended up alone on a garbage planet, and worked her way to a position of power all on her own. Her squad up with Team Thor (Thor, Hulk, and Loki) was high-key the biggest power move of the 21st century. (Also, we stan a bisexual queen.)


4. Scarlet Witch

People have a lot of mixed feelings about Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch) because she entered the MCU as a villain, and admittedly did some pretty messed up things. But keep in mind, she had a pretty tragic past, losing her entire family to terrorists who bombed her village using Stark Industries weapons (pre-Iron Man 1). In the end, she was able to get over her jaded past and become a good guy, with some of the strongest super-human powers of all the Avengers.


5. Black Widow

Natasha Romanoff (Widow) has been trained to be an assassin since she was a little girl, going through a rigorous program in Russia that made the young girls there go through things I don’t even wanna talk about in this article. She has no superpowers, no suit of armor, and no alien strengths, and she’s still able to hold her own alongside some of the strongest heroes of all time. She really paved the way for all future female Avengers, so thank you, Black Widow.


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