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I’m not the most neat person I’ve met, usually pretty messy but never too bad. But since living in a dorm, confined to a very small place with lots of people, I realized I’m less stressful when I’m organized.

Unfortunately I’ve never been a very organized person so having to train myself now to keep up with my “routine” is hard sometimes.

However some tricks aren’t hard to stick to and push me to stay on it. One big rule I now follow is to always put things back where I had them. Before college I was pretty bad about misplacing things but in these small dorms it’s so much harder to lose things. Every time I use something I put it back where I usually have it so I know it will always be there when I want it in the future.

I also have desk bins to hold lots of things that I need but not every day or things that clutter my desk. I have two small bins and one larger bin, they hold a lot of my things and keep it looking tidy. I also organize what is in my bins so I don’t have everything everywhere. One bin has all my electronic stuff like my phone chords, camera film, and flash drives. Another bin has necklaces, nail clippers, and make up remover wipes.

These tricks make it easy to know where everything is without question and because I tend to loose things, this helps a lot.

My favorite trick that is sometimes hard to follow is the white board. I have a planner but with a big white board at my desk showing my daily tasks I am reminded of what I need to do that day.

It is important to not only be organized at your desk and in your room but in your classes and social life t

On my white board I have the day of the week and the number date. I put my homework down in one area and a to do list of basic tasks in another. I also add a section for my self, so I take time to draw, read or do something that makes me happy at least once a day.

My favorite part to the board is the daily quote I put on it. Yes they are cheesy but sometimes you need it to see something inspirational because life can be hard.

There are so many tricks that can incorporate fun into organization. My roommate writes her what she needs to do on sticky notes and puts them up where she can see them all the time. Once she completes one of the tasks on the sticky notes she can take it down. I use this method for small things sometimes, like quick reminders. But from what she’s told me and what I’ve seen, it works for her.

Staying organized is hard sometimes and that’s ok! If you are a little organized it makes it easier on those hard days.

I am a freshman Media Arts and Design major at James Madison University. I love the outdoors, cartoons, and art! I also love to create things on the computer. I helped write and design my high school's yearbook all four years and had a senior position!