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Things I Wish I Knew About JMU During My Freshman Year

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at JMU chapter.

1. Everyday is leg day. Especially on those death stairs.

2. You never have as many Dining Dollars as you think you do.

3. No matter what anybody says USE RateMyProfessors, but use it only as a guide.

4. Brunch is love. Brunch is life.  

5. E-Hall has tater tots during brunch… but D-Hall has french toast sticks. 

6. Pack for all seasons. Harrisonburg can get all four in one week.

7. Sometimes when it rains it smells like dog food. 

8. Bring a fan for your dorm.

9. Lakeside isn’t so bad…yes, its possible to live with minimal WiFi. You’ll make more friends!

10. JMU squirrels DGAF.

11. Not everything is a “punch”. 

12. Don’t always trust the bus app… but you should probably get the bus app. 

13. NIS is not the night bus, it means “not in service”. 

14. Getting a table in Carrier is as hard as it sounds. 

15. Just because everyone else is wearing it doesn’t mean you have to (i.e. LL Bean Boots, a.k.a. duck boots).

16. Posting on your class Facebook page was only cool for the first month of school. 

17. Not everyone rushes, but Greek Life is big. 

18. Know a cab, a sober driver, or SafeRides’ number before you go out.

19. Who needs an alarm when you have the train?

20. Don’t be afraid to fall asleep anywhere.

21. Phones, JACards, and sunglasses are acceptable place markers at all dining locations.

22. You’ll find yourself walking to East Campus more than you think. 

23. Anthony Seeger is next to Forbes. 

24. Memorial is not on campus… or your Mappy (barely).

25. On that note Memorial needs its own Mappy.

26. FROG week is like a mini summer camp. 

27. Forest is not really a forest. 

28. We don’t actually yell J-M-U DUUUUKES everyday. 

29. Expect unexpected fire alarms.

30. Mrs. Greens is actually inside Chandler Hall. 

31. Dukes is practically the only place open after 8 p.m. that takes punches. 

32. As excited as you are for you and your roommate to be gym buddies, it’s not likely to happen. 

33. It’s okay to not be BFFs with your roommate. 

34. Random roommates can work out. 

35. It’s a fresh start, it’s okay to change. You go to the best school with the most friendly people, and your first year goes by fast. So enjoy it!

Hello, it's me. Edel (pronounced like the singer), was previously Assistant Social Editor, Video for Her Campus Media. She graduated in May 2018  from James Madison University in with a double major in Media Arts and Design and Communications Studies. Before joining the HC girl gang full-time she was the Campus Correspondent for the JMU Her Campus Chapter. She's an avid social media user, food enthusiast, and shopping extraordinaire. You can catch her taking a coffee break or binge-watching romantic comedies on Netflix.
I am a junior at JMU studying Media Arts & Design- Corporate Communication. I am a member of Phi Mu Fraternity in addition to Her Campus! I was born in Troy, OH and grew up in both Kings Mountain, NC and Richmond, VA. I am the oldest child, the only blonde in my immediate family, and the only one who has 20/20 vision.