These Things Have Changed My Life

During this past year of college, I’ve picked up several new loves and hobbies. These are activities I can’t imagine not having in my life. These things are involved in my day-to-day and have genuinely changed my life! They’ve transformed my perspective, improved my mood and have given me the creative outlet that I crave. Here are a few of my favorite things, and hopefully ya’ll can pick up some new loves as well…  



Podcasts are quickly becoming all the rage. I’m currently listening to one as I write this! Podcasts are such a great concept. When you’re not in the mood to listen to music, and are looking for something more stimulating and educational, they’re perfect! It’s like having a best friend talking in your ear. My favorite podcasts are ones on college life, advice, lifestyle and health/fitness! More specifically, I love: Gals on the Go, Pretty Basic, Thick & Thin, Unsolicited Advice and The Health Code. I would 10/10 recommend giving them a listen! Not only are they super entertaining but I feel productive, like I’m bettering myself and learning when I listen!




Journaling- a concept often given a cliché rep, but I’ve genuinely found to be very beneficial. The pool of constant thoughts swimming around in our heads are not meant to stay there. And it’s important to not only write down our bad thoughts, but positive ones as well. Journaling doesn’t have to be something we turn to only during hard times. I journal when I’m feeling super grateful and thankful, but also when I just want to get something out of my head and onto paper. I’ll also journal about cool ideas I have, things I want to do in the future, goals, etc.! I’ve found it very therapeutic and relaxing. Turn on some chill music, dim the lights, light some candles, make a time out of it and just write. I swear it helps!




Yet another therapeutic activity I’ve found lately. It’s creative, can be done alone or with friends, and it brings with it a feeling of accomplishment. Just the act of stroking and blending colors is super relaxing. Again, playing some tunes, painting and chatting with friends is something I’ve been loving as of late!




This past Christmas I got one of the most special gifts I’ve ever received: a record player. As an old soul at heart, I’d been wanting one for the longest time. Don’t get me wrong, I love the current music that’s on the market, but I live for the classics. (Queen is my everything). I love the concept of vinyl’s, the vintage feel of them, and in my opinion, the sound quality is immensely better. I personally love hearing the slight static and the more raw sound a vinyl has. Needless to say, I’ve quickly become obsessed with my record player and can’t wait to rack up a killer vinyl collection this summer.




Taking photos is something I’ve always loved. But as of recent, it’s turned into more of a serious passion. I’ve come to love the art of taking photographs, whether it be on my phone, a professional camera or a polaroid. Then taking those photos and editing them to convey a vibe and a feeling truly is an art- and has unleased in me creativity and genuine happiness!



Changing my major

This was a major change for me this semester (excuse the pun ☺). I added Media Arts & Design as a second major and man was this a game changer for me. I’ve loved it so much that I’ve decided to drop my other major and just focus on this one. Changing my focus of studies has given me a new sense of motivation and genuine excitement about school. Being interested in what I’m learning in classes and having what I do in my free time actually better the skills that I’ll be using in school, is such a great feeling. I’ve currently been on my grind trying to network, get a summer internship and work on how to brand myself more. It’s been so much fun and makes me excited everyday not only for the present, but for my future as well, which is so important for everyone to feel.


Now go find some of your favorite things that’ll change your life… maybe take up a few of mine!