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Taylor Swift Albums and the Season They Belong In

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Beginning with fall, the album Folklore kicks the season off. Folklore straddles the line between late summer, as demonstrated by the song “august”, and early autumn, spanning the month of September. The vibes of this album are light and calm; early fall is this album’s peak! Next, the album Red is undeniably the heart of fall, the epitome of colored leaves and chilly air. I think this classification cannot be argued, especially since the release of “All Too Well: Ten Minute Version”. I would classify Red as belonging in October and most of November. Lastly, the album Midnights can be classified as a year-round listen, but it is slightly more fall-coded in my opinion. Maybe this is because of the release date, or solely because of the song “Maroon”.


Moving to early winter, I have to choose Evermore. Evermore spans from late November to Christmas, because of the lyrics regarding things related to winter, like snow and holiday feels. However, immediately after Christmas Reputation comes into play. This is because of songs like “New Year’s Day”, and the overall dark impression of the album. It is chilling yet fun to listen to, and that completely encapsulates the dead of winter. Also, it perfectly reflects the seasonal sadness many experience. For these reasons, Reputation spans from late December to early February.


First up for the spring season is Speak Now, beginning in mid-February and ending in early March. I can’t really justify why I put Speak Now in spring, besides the consistent mentions of rain throughout the album. Next, I would place Taylor Swift from late March to mid-April, because the green vibe of the album cover reminds me of that period of time when it begins to “blossom” into warmer weather. Last in the spring category would have to be Fearless, from late April to late May. This album makes me think of that limbo between spring and summer, fun but not yet unleashing the heat, parties, and wildness of the summer season.


In the beginning of summer, I have to place Lover, spanning from June to early July. The summer vibes of this album are immaculate and fit right in with the carefree nature of this season. This is exemplified in songs like “Cruel Summer” and “Paper Rings”. Finally, 1989 closes the cycle from mid-July to early August. This album seamlessly coincides with Lover in the fact that they’re both so fun, casual, and lighthearted in nature. The mentions of hanging out with friends and living without regrets fit perfectly into the summer narrative, as evidenced by songs like “New Romantics” and “I Know Places”.

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