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My Favorite “Non-Classic” Holiday Songs 

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Need some new tunes? As the Winters holidays approach, it’s time to get in the holiday spirit! Here are some of my favorite holiday songs that you may or may not know, because they most likely wouldn’t be considered a classic:

  • Ariana Grande- “Santa Tell Me”

Notable Lyrics: “Santa, tell me if you’re really there/Don’t make me fall in love again if he won’t be here/Next year”

  • Kelly Clarkson- “Underneath the Tree”

Notable Lyrics: “Presents, what a beautiful sight/Don’t mean a thing if you ain’t holding me tight/You’re all that I need/Underneath the tree”

  • Justin Bieber- “Mistletoe”

Notable Lyrics: “It’s the most beautiful time of the year/Lights fill the streets spreading so much cheer/I should be playing in the winter snow/But I’mma be under the mistletoe”

  • Why Don’t We- “Hey Good Lookin”

Notable Lyrics: “I’ll take up my whole life just staring at your eyes/And I’ll lend my Christmas with you, if you really like”

  • Sabrina Carpenter- “Christmas the Whole Year Round”

Notable Lyrics: “Let’s keep the sleigh bells ringing/We’ll keep the whole world singing,/Feel so good why stop now?/Let’s make Christmas the whole year round”

  • Taylor Swift- “Christmases When You Were Mine”

Notable Lyrics: “I know this shouldn’t be a lonely time/But there were Christmases when you were mine”

  • Four of Diamonds- “Cozy Little Christmas”

Notable Lyrics: “Nothing lights my fire or wraps me up, baby, like you do/Just want a cozy, a cozy little Christmas here with you”

  • Train- “Shake Up Christmas”

Notable Lyrics: “Shake it up (shake it up), shake up the happiness/Wake it up, wake up the happiness/Come on all, it’s Christmas time”

  • Thomas Rhett- “Christmas In The Country”

Notable Lyrics: “Miles from the city and the crazy crowds/Where the pine trees grow and the world slows down/Way out here, yeah, man I sure feel lucky/Doing Christmas in the country”

  • Pentatonix- “Mary, Did You Know?”

Notable Lyrics: “Mary, did you know that your baby boy would one day walk on water?/ Mary, did you know that your baby boy would save our sons and daughters?”

  • Michael Buble- “Cold December Night”

Notable Lyrics: “So please just fall in love with me this Christmas/ There’s nothing else that I will need this Christmas/ Won’t be wrapped under a tree/ I want something that lasts forever/ So kiss me on this cold December night”

  • Colbie Caillat- “Christmas In The Sand”

Notable Lyrics: “I saw Santa in his bathing suit/ Tryin’ to catch a wave, but he tried too soon/ He laughed so hard that he could barely breathe/ And washed up next to me”

Current freshman at James Madison University. Has a love for 2000’s music, Harry Potter books, and dogs!
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