Ring in the New Year with Style

As always, shimmer and shine is in. Whether you're going out to the hometown bar or attending a gathering of old friends, you'll want to ring in the new year with style. The following guide will help you piece together the perfect outfit. 



I've always been a fan of dresses for New Year's because it's your chance to show off those legs and resemble the disco ball that's lighting up the club. 


Spaghetti Straps… Glitter… Patterns




You'll definitely want the perfect jacket to accompany your fashionable dress on this chilly, winter night. And I'm here to tell you-- you don't have to sacrifice your look to be warm!


Oversized… Faux fur is a plus




Shoes are key for me. They have the ability to make or break an outfit, and this year, we'll be revisiting two classic shoe looks. 


Knee-high boots or strappy heels

Depending on the cut of the dress or how you're feeling, these two looks will do the trick. 




This year, you'll want minimalistic bling that enhances the rest of the outfit. With a show-stopping dress, there's little left to add. 


Dangly earrings & plunging necklaces