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Quiz: What TV Show Should You Be Binge Watching?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at JMU chapter.

Even though the end of the semester is potentially the worst time to start a new TV show on Netflix…. let’s be honest, a lot of you will probably do it anyway. So, what series should you start streaming? Take this quiz to point you in the right direction.

1)   If you could dress however you wanted, regardless of what’s in style, what would you wear?a.     A retro cocktail dress with a full skirt, paired with classic pumps.b.     A bright, 80s inspired ensemble complete with neon colors and fishnetsc.     Something simple: jeans, a printed top, and a cardigan.d.     Bring on the power suit: can’t go wrong with a structured blazer and a pencil skirt

2)   What’s your major? (If your major isn’t listed, go with whatever seems the most interesting to you!)a.     COB or Marketingb.     SMAD or Studio Artc.     Theater or Englishd.     Political Science or Public Policy

3)   Your friends would describe you as…a.     A lone wolfb.     The life of the partyc.     A little bit naïved.     Fierce

4)   Your idea of a perfect date would consist of…a.     Dinner and drinks in the cityb.     A night of dancing at a club or an exclusive partyc.     Something a little bit childlike: ice cream or mini golf!d.     A quiet night in: movies, popcorn, and a bottle of wine to share

5)   Speaking of dates, your ideal partner is…a.     Hardworkingb.     Sweetc.     Patientd.     Powerful

6)   How would you describe your relationship with your parents?a.     Nonexistent—we don’t talk.b.     We don’t always see eye-to-eye, but we love each other a lot.c.     They want the best for me, but I’m trying to break free and be independent right now.d.     Difficult is an understatement.


Mostly As: Mad Men. Don Draper is calling your name; you’ll be sure to love the politics, lifestyles, and debauchery of Sterling-Cooper’s advertising agency. Not to mention the amazing retro fashion!

Mostly Bs: The Carrie Diaries. You want a lighthearted, girly show to shamelessly marathon. As a prequel to Sex and the City, this story of Carrie Bradshaw’s high school years should be much appreciated by anyone, whether you’re a fan of the HBO hit from the early 2000s or not.

Mostly Cs: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. You’re looking for a funny, clever show you can easily breeze through in one weekend. You’ll love Tina Fey’s latest creation, starring Ellie Kemper, who you might recognize as the scatterbrained secretary from The Office.

Mostly Ds: Scandal. Olivia Pope is your feminist role model to-be. It’s handled.

Junior SMAD major and Creative Writing Minor. Lover of Taylor Swift, copious amounts of coffee, and liquid eyeliner.
I am a junior at JMU studying Media Arts & Design- Corporate Communication. I am a member of Phi Mu Fraternity in addition to Her Campus! I was born in Troy, OH and grew up in both Kings Mountain, NC and Richmond, VA. I am the oldest child, the only blonde in my immediate family, and the only one who has 20/20 vision.