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New Power Couple? Exploring the New Relationship Between Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce

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Us Weekly

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling a new power couple on the rise! Though not yet *officially* confirmed, singer and songwriter Taylor Swift has been rumored to be dating NFL star, Travis Kelce. So, when did this all begin?

Back in July of this year the Kansas City Chief’s tight end, Kelce, made headlines for attending Swift’s ‘Eras Tour’, where he famously tried to exchange friendship bracelets, and his phone number, with the singer. Rumors started swirling around about the two shortly after that but were quickly put to an end. However, two months later, relationship rumors are beginning to spark once again when Kelce’s brother, Philadelphia Eagles player, Jason addressed these romance speculations in an interview. “I think he’s doing great, and I think that it is all 100% true,” said Jason as he spoke of the rumors on a radio station interview.

As the gossip and speculation about this alleged romance started to increase, fans are now almost positive that the two stars are together after the Sept. 24 phenomenon of Swift being spotted at the Kansas City Chiefs game, cheering on Kelce. And it seems like the rest of the Kelce family approves of her to, as she was seen sitting with his parents, Donna and Ed. This event practically broke the internet, as the “Swifties” and Chiefs fans went wild.

Not only was Swift seen watching the game at Arrowhead Stadium, but the possible couple was also spotted later that day leaving the game together and celebrating the Chief’s big win against the Chicago Bears.

One thing the internet has been dying to know these last few days is, is it true? While it practically seems confirmed at this point, some fans are trying not to get too excited until they hear it from Swift or Kelce themselves. However, many have also been wondering… what does this mean for Swift’s music? Could a new “love” album be in the works? Will we see Kelce in the crowds at her second leg of ‘The Eras Tour’? One thing for sure is that the two did seem quite happy in each other’s presence, and the world is excited to see where this potential relationship could be headed!

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