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I’m not sure about you, but I love to mix things up a bit as the seasons change. I’m talking NAILS! Sure, nail shape does speak about your personality, but I’m going to share with you some colors that I’ve tried that really compliment specific nail shapes!  

Almond/Oval—Last week, I opted out of my usual “square” and left the nail shop with this sassy shape. It’s basically an edgier spinoff of “Squoval.” I had my nails painted with a very neutral tone that is a concoction of a soft, light pink and peach. It really compliments this shape and it radiates sophistication.

Square—I’ve gotten “Squared” nails for years, and though I switched it up this time, I haven’t yet tired of it. This form looks great in French Manicure, and they can sport any color ranging from hot pink to navy blue.

Stiletto—This shape is off the charts, and it has become quite a trend lately! The tips are usually filed into sharp points or squared off at the narrowing point of the nail, which is often referred to as “coffin”. When I envision this style, I think black or something unique, but pretty like the purple pictured below.

Just because you sport square nails doesn’t make you basic, but it’s nice to try something different from time to time! What will result from your next nail appointment?

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