My New Year Resolutions

It’s the new year which means a new semester and one more day closer to Spring. Out with the cold and the bad habits. This is the time for improvement and some sunshine. This year I created a couple of realistic goals to achieve. Some are little things, but others are more of a challenge. 


My first resolution is to pick my outfit out every night for the next day. Whether it’s a dress or sweatpants it’s best to pick out the night before. I have a tendency to sleep in to the last possible second and it leads to a hectic morning. It always seems that I look horrible in each outfit I try on or it doesn’t match with the weather outside. You know the chaos I’m talking about, it usually is followed by spilling coffee on your outfit or forgetting your homework for the day. To eliminate the morning stress I’ll have an outfit picked out every night. Hopefully the “look good, feel good, do good” quote is true and will lead to a successful semester. 


My second resolution is to stick to a skin care routine. I am one of those few cringy girls that used the apricot scrub. The sad thing is, I didn’t even get name brand. I would pick out the Target brand for my poor college student budget. This Christmas though I received a Glossier The Skincare Edit. It has in simple words changed my life. No longer am I using Bath and Body Works lotion on my face, but a moisturizer meant to change my life. I am very happy to be a Glossier fan now and ditch putting Bath and Body Works lotion on my face. 


My third resolution is to plan out time to write rather than just writing when I have free time. Usually I plan my day around my job, work, and sleep. While those are very important I’ve figured out I need to set aside time to just write. Sunday and Tuesday afternoons now are set to have writing done and work on my own pieces. Self care is important and that means doing things that make your brain work and calm you!


My fourth resolution is to work out. I feel like I say this every year. I’m going to work out five days a week, and then it goes to four, then three, until I work out zero times a week. I usually want to work out for different reasons like to lose weight or “feel” skinnier, but not this year. I’m doing some self love and the reason I want to work out is to get stronger. I want to have some strength to do more than three pushups. I might even try to go for a pull up or two. Who knows what I’ll be able to do, but I’ll love my body in the process and not get upset if I don’t make it there every week. 


My fifth and final resolution is to pick out healthier snacks. I am a total sucker for fruit snacks and Oreos. While that’s super easy to grab on the go, I run out of energy within a half hour. With classes, work, blogging, and now my new work out time I can’t rely on an Oreo for the day. I’ve picked up some apple sauce, cashews, and granola bars. I’m going to take this semester one healthy snack at a time!


Resolutions can be so helpful, but they have to be realistic. Set up short term and long term goals to plan out the year you want. All over social media, people are making the new year about self love. Create resolutions to take care of yourself.  Happy 2020, this is your year!