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When you think of Kylie Jenner, two physical aspects probably cross your mind: exaggerated, filled-out lips and her curvy figure just like her sisters’.  Being the businesswoman Kylie is, she decided to capitalize on her massive lips via starting the makeup line we know as Kylie Cosmetics. Launched in 2015, her makeup products have been a hit since, landing her on the cover of Forbes magazine in August of last year [2018].


Seeing my friends try out her products and being curious about how good her makeup truly is, last holiday season I went to Ulta Beauty and purchased 3 different lip kits: Kristen (bright pink), Mary Jo (red), and Koko K (brown).  


The lip kits come with both a liquid lipstick and a matching lip liner, an idea that I really like and would love to see more makeup brands sell.  I say that because her lip kits didn’t really impress me, but I liked the concept and would enjoy seeing brands like MAC and Chanel do obvious, matching lip liners and lipsticks like this. 


I waited to write this review because I wanted to test out these lipsticks for a fairly long period of time before I concluded my thoughts on them. 


So, what are my thoughts on Kylie Cosmetics lip kits?


Overrated and poor quality.  For $29 they didn’t do better than a NYX $4 lipliner and $6 liquid lipstick does.  For $9 more than the Kylie Cosmetics price, you can buy a much higher quality liquid lipstick and clear gloss duo from Chanel that lasts all day long (if you’re interested, it’s called Le Rouge Duo Ultra Wear Lip Colour).


I do like the pigmentation of the lipstick and liner, but that’s pretty much the only thing the Kylie lip kit has going for it.  The lipstick cracks easily and leaves these little chunky pieces of residue on your lips. After wearing the lipstick for a few hours, it rubs off in the center of your mouth, leaving the edges of your lips with the lipstick/lip liner remaining but the majority of your lips faded or lacking lipstick color altogether.  Additionally, my Koko K lip liner completely fell out of the socket of the crayon, so I can’t use it anymore. The quality just isn’t there.  


I truly think these lip kits gained the popularity and hype they did because of Kylie’s marketing efforts through social media.  It also helps that she’s beautiful, and we tend to think of beautiful people as smarter and more trustworthy, hence, we buy all of Kylie’s products and are eager for new releases.  Seriously, she could start manufacturing tampons and somehow, we would still buy them.      

Economics major at James Madison University. Lover of fashion, fake eyelashes, and sleeping. Marketing Director of JMU's Her Campus chapter.
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