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Living With Your Roommate For More Than One Year, As Told By New Girl

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at JMU chapter.
Not everyone gets along with their roommate, but if you’re like me, you’ve gotten along well enough with your roommate to agree to live with them for another year (or two, or three!). Two of my roommates and I are going to be living together for the third year in a row next year and I’ve noticed a couple of patterns that have come from us being stuck together. Like most things in my life, these things can be best described in terms of the world of New Girl.

For starters, they understand you weird quirks.

If anything, they welcome them. They’ve already dealt with it for so long, it’d be weirder if you didn’t have them.

They don’t judge you for how much you eat, what you eat or how you eat it.

They know how important it is that you have access to the toaster in the morning for your frozen waffle, or someone’s gonna get it.

They know when you’ll need to rant, and they welcome the venting.

They know that after your Tuesday/Thursday 2:30 class you’ll be ready to complain and they’re ready to hear it all.

They won’t hesitate to let you know when you deserve better.

Because they’ve seen all that you are, they know you better than you realize and they want what’s best for you.

They won’t judge you when you go a little off the deep end.

They can tell when you’re bottling it up and when you’re about to explode.

Honestly, they sometimes even encourage it.

Better to get it out in the comfort of your home than on the third floor of Carrier.

They know where to find you when you get overwhelmed.


And they know exactly what food to provide to ease your nerves.

They know that sometimes you might get a little needy.

Sometimes you just need them to sit in silence with you and watch Netflix. They’re down for the challenge.

They also know that sometimes you want to just be alone.

Girl talk can fix a lot of things, but they know when to give you your space.

They won’t hesitate to give you advice when you need it, even if you don’t want to hear it.

Let’s be honest, they’re probably right.

They help you craft the perfect text for that boy you’ve been talking to.

They might even press “send’ when you’re too scared to.

And they’ll be there for you when it doesn’t work out.

You don’t need him, you have her.

And you have somewhere between one and fifteen songs that are “your song.”

You know you have to stop whatever it is you’re doing and dance whenever they come on.

After living with someone for more than one year, you learn all of their quirks, their flaws and all of the things that make them a great friend. You get to skip that awkward adjustment period and just move right to pretending to be adults together.

Sophomore SMAD major at JMU with a passion for people, donuts, music, coffee and pretending to do homework outside. If you watch Parks and Recreation we'll get along just fine.
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