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Lexie Antos ‘16

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at JMU chapter.

An active member of the JMU community since her freshman year, Lexie is a well-known figure on campus, even if she’s not always in the spotlight.

Year: Senior

Major: Chemistry

Campus Involvement: SafeRides special events director, SR team leader, Madison Advising Peer, FROG, Iota Sigma Pi

How did you become a Madison Advising Peer?

I actually had no idea what being a “MAP” even meant, but the chemistry department asked me to take the job, so I did. I don’t have an exciting story about it. It’s a cool job because I get to help people form their schedules and achieve their goals.

You were recently inducted into Iota Sigma Pi; can you tell us about that?

It is a secret society—just kidding; I wish. It is a national honors society for women in chemistry. It’s a great opportunity to get to support a bunch of smart girls.

How has SafeRides impacted your JMU experience?

I wasn’t the best person in high school, and SafeRides changed me by surrounding me with really great, nice people. Being a team leader was an amazing experience. Hotwheelz for life!

Favorite JMU memory?

When I went to Lakeland, Florida for ASB to work with migrant children.

Favorite class?

Sign language!

Favorite place on campus?

The fourth floor of ECL. Is that nerdy? E-hall is probably my favorite, actually.

Favorite TV show and movie?

Show: Parks and Rec

Movie: The Way Way Back

Fun facts

  • Lexie has been on two Alternative Spring Break trips

  • She works at a summer camp for children with cancer

  • She’s double jointed

  • She opened the Magic Kingdom Park when she was 11

Aleixka has a B.A. in Media Arts and Design and a minor in Spanish from James Madison University. She loves all things books, traveling, food, and photography.