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Lauren Babbage: A Post-Grad Success Story

As some of us are quickly approaching our senior year of college, the thought of getting a job after graduation seems to be on everyone’s mind. Sometimes, it seems like our dream jobs may be out of reach, but for JMU (and Her Campus) alumna, Lauren Babbage, the hard work she put it these last four years has really paid off! 

Lauren, now a Connecticut resident, graduated JMU in May 2010 with a degree in Media Arts and Design and a concentration in Journalism. When asked what jobs she applied for immediately after graduation, she said, “What jobs didn’tI apply for? My full time job for about a month was applying for jobs non-stop.” For a few months, Lauren babysat to make some money, while still continuing her search for the job that was meant for her. She describes the process as being really discouraging, but after scoring a position at NBC’s “The Maury Show” last October, those few months of searching were well worth it.
As an associate producer, Lauren works with the head producer to find stories that would work on the show. She also works backstage with the guests on the days they are featured. Lauren previously interned with PBS Television Station in Harrisonburg her senior year, so she did have some experience with television before starting at “The Maury Show.”  Although she would eventually like to try doing on-air work, she is very happy where she is now. “It’s a crazy life and long hours, but I love it!”

As a recent graduate of JMU, as well as a new real world adult, Lauren provided me with some advice for fell collegiettes™ on their own job searches. “Start early,” she explained. “I was very lucky that I got a job as fast as I did after graduation, but not all of my friends have been so lucky.” She explained that many companies are willing to hold a spot for you if you fit into their company and will be graduating in the near future.

She also emphasized the importance of a good resume and how it can make a huge difference. The JMU Career Center was able to help Lauren score her post-grad job, and she said they were very helpful with the process. Her advice for the rest of us still enjoying our time here at JMU? “Don’t pass up any opportunities that come your way. Take advantage of everything JMU and Harrisonburg have to offer, and just have fun with your friends!  The friends I met at JMU will be my best friends forever, and you will never be able to have them all in the same place again.”

It may not happen overnight, but with hard work, dedication, and Lauren’s advice, you can score your dream job after college, too!

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