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Justin Porter

Name: Justin Porter

Hometown: Pocomoke City, Maryland

Year: Junior (Class of 2015)

Major/Minor: Geographic Science Major, Music Minor and Humanitarian Affairs Minor.

Campus Involvement: SafeRides, Geography Club, Relay For Life, Marching Royal Dukes

How/why did you become involved with the groups you’re in?:

When I first got to JMU, I wanted to get involved immediately. I first joined SafeRides in the spring of 2012, after meeting some of them at Student Org Night. I have found my best friends in this organization and I have grown as an individual and leader in five semesters of involvement. I love community service and this organization allows me to work a few nights a semester to save students’ lives. I am looking forward to being Public Relations Director for SafeRides in the Fall of 2014.

I joined Geography Club my freshman year, and I am currently Treasurer of the club for the second consecutive year. I joined because it was a great way to network with other students that shared the same interests and were in my major.

I joined Relay For Life as a part of SafeRides, serving as the Co-Captain of the team for the past two years. I have been doing Relay a total of 9 years now, three of which were spent at JMU’s Relay. My family has been negatively affected by cancer countless times, and I knew I should continue my involvement with Relay once I got to JMU.

I joined the Marching Royal Dukes Fall 2012 and have been a part of it during both my sophomore and junior years. I was always involved in music in high school, so I wanted to take part in marching band again, only this time on a much bigger stage.

How has being so involved impacted your JMU experience?:

Being involved has helped me grow so much as a person. I have been able to network with many JMU students and learn about myself. I have grown as a leader, a friend, and a classmate by being in these groups. My JMU experience certainly wouldn’t be the same without these organizations.

What’s your favorite aspect about either being in multiple groups or about one group in particular?:

My favorite aspect would have to be the nonjudgmental “agreement” within SafeRides. The biggest part of the success of this organization would be the fact that each member is nonjudgmental towards each other and they are nonjudgmental towards patrons and members of the JMU and Harrisonburg communities.

What are your goals in any or all of these organizations from now until graduation?:

My goal is to be successfully involved. I don’t want to be simply “involved” at JMU, I want to make my time matter in organizations that are significant to me. I am looking forward to the fall for SafeRides because of the larger responsibility I will have.

What does being a “campus celebrity” mean to you?:

I’ve never seen myself as a celebrity, but it is flattering! 

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