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Jessie Rosati: 5 Clubs and Counting

Sophomore Jessie Rosati has a track record for getting involved on campus. Whether she is studying for her Justice Studies major, or playing intramural volleyball, she always makes time to be a part of five different clubs.

Her Campus JMU: Why did you choose to transfer to JMU?
Jessie Rosati: I chose to transfer because the prior school I was at was too small and after visiting JMU, I realized it was a great fit because of the many awesome opportunities with study abroad, clubs, events and activities. I also loved the friendly people, pretty campus, and food!
HCJMU: Did you already plan on joining organizations when you got here?
JR: I planned on joining many. Getting involved in campus life is very important to me because I like to meet many different people with interests similar to mine and contribute to the community. It also makes me feel a sense of belonging at JMU.  When I first got to school I tried over 13 organizations! Though I now remain in five. 

HCJMU: Which organizations are you active in?
JR: Justice Studies Student Organization (JSSO) is a club that pertains to Justice Studies majors.  We host events such as a genocide survivor speaker, do community service with places like second-home (an after and before school daycare for underprivileged children), get to know the major's professors through a meet and greet, and do fun trips to places such as court houses in D.C and police ride along. International Student Association (ISA) is a club that helps bring culture and diversity awareness and appreciation to JMU through events such as the annual culture show and charity formal.

Pay It Forward is a club based off of the idea behind the movie "Pay It Forward." We do random acts of kindness in hopes that people will pay the act forward for someone else. This year we have made study goodie bags during finals week and handed them out in the library, gave the bus drivers Halloween candy appreciation bags, posted positive sticky notes around campus, and gave out encouraging Valentine's Day cards on the commons. I am also in scuba club and the caving club. With scuba, I doing scuba diving in the Godwin pool, and with caving, I have practiced how to ascend and descend on a vertical cave. 
HCJMU: Which one is your favorite?
JR: I am going to say my favorite is International Student Association because culture and diversity are really important to me and I love the people in the club. They are so down to earth, fun, and interesting! Our events are also always a ton of fun to attend.  

HCJMU: Are you an executive member in any of them?
JR: I am the Public Relations Coordinator of JSSO and am running for an executive board position in ISA at the end of this year.  
HCJMU: Are you planning on joining any more groups?
JR: I am not planning on joining any more because I am also involved with organizations off of campus as well that also take up a lot of time. 
HCJMU: How do you have time to do all of these organizations?
JR: All of the clubs only meet every other week and the weight of the work we have to do in preparation for events is always distributed among various members, which also helps keep the time commitment manageable. 

HCJMU: What are some of your time management strategies?
JR: I try not to procrastinate and get work done ahead of time. Spending time in the library when I have a lot of work to get done so that I can focus better and work more quickly always helps too! 

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