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Jake Jedlicka ‘14



Major and minor: History and political science

Hometown: Annandale, Va.

Campus involvments: SGA (Positions: senator, treasurer and now president-elect), orientation as a FrOG and an OPA, Kijiji and Club Triathlon


HC JMU: What motivated you to run for student body president? What is your vision for JMU?

JJ: A lot of what made me want to be president is the same reason that I joined SGA in the first place and also why I worked for orientation. I love this university and the opportunities, friends, knowledge and experiences that it has given me.  I want to give back to the next generation of students so that they can have as fantastic of a time at Madison as I have.

The Student Government Association is an organization that I have been proud to be a part of since my freshman year, and I love the people who are involved and the work we do. I want to continue the supportive structure that we have established in SGA over the past few years so that these dedicated students can continue to serve the interests of their fellow Dukes. That is really what it boils down to: wanting to ensure that my peers here at JMU get to enjoy an amazing college experience. As president I can serve to meet the student needs and face challenges as they arise.

As president it is my job to be the voice of the student body, so my vision for JMU is really whatever the students here at JMU want to see. My mission for the year will really be to work with the administration on the future plans that they are putting together now, so that when these plans are implemented they will reflect input from students that makes the whole plan better.These initiatives cover everything from revamping the orientation of students in terms of Preface, the QEP dealing with Ethical Reasoning, building expansions in North Campus and beyond, the Diversity Task Force, as well as many other areas that student feedback is needed.

As for my own initiatives, my main goal is a greater participation from the student body as a whole in these conversations. This means that there needs to be greater interactions between members of SGA and the rest of the campus. This is something we focus and work on inside of the organization every year, but it is a two-way street. Students need to take an interest in what the university is doing and in the future plans for JMU.



HC JMU: What do you see for your future and will this position prepare you for any long-term goals that you have?

JJ: I really do not have a long-term career goal at this point. I did not run for this position to beef up my resume or get connections with employers. This position will be good in terms of teaching me how to better manage and organize people, as well as teaching me patience. My long-term goal here at JMU and afterward is simply to leave a legacy behind of making the community a better place. I think that even being able to touch and help one person is a huge success, and as president I hope to reach a lot more than that.


B.F.A., Studio Art, PrintmakingTrack II Honors Student
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