Interview with Bella McCoy

Name: Bella McCoy

Hometown: Lancaster, PA

Class of 2024


Biggest role model:

My biggest role model is my sister. She has always gotten good grades and is very kind, loving, and respectable. She has been doing great things and as much as I am proud, I also look up to her.


​Spirit animal and why:

My spirit animal is a monkey because they are goofy and don’t care about what happens, they seem stress free and always having fun no matter what they’re doing.


Favorite Quote:

“Everyday may not be good but there is good in everyday” because even when you have a bad day something always surprises you, it’s the little things that matter like someone holding a door open or just smiling at someone and saying hi.


Favorite Holiday:

My favorite holiday is Christmas because it’s snowy and the beginning of winter. I love all the Christmas songs and drinking hot chocolate while watching the Hallmark Christmas movies


Would you rather only eat pizza for the rest of your life or never eat pizza again:

I would rather never eat pizza again because then you would be missing out on so many other things. You could never experience another taste, and pizza would get old very quick because you can’t choose anything else.