I Spent the Day Like Rory Gilmore

Anyone who knows me knows I love Gilmore Girls: the fast talking, the mother-daughter bond, the many love interests (#TeamLogan), the quirky Stars Hollow, and all the coffee!! As a college student, I can’t help but envy Rory’s Yale experience, with a big dorm her freshman year, guys, and all the coffee she could want right at her disposal (someone needs to petition JMU to get coffee stands around campus). Of course, I also can’t help but wonder what it would be like to live the college-Rory life, and while I can’t suddenly start taking classes at Yale and stealing yachts with Logan Hunztberger, I figured why not try spending the day like Rory Gilmore. What’s the harm?

Unlike Rory I am a science major so I had the joy of starting my day with an 8 AM lab. I tried to dress in my most Rory-like outfit, which was a slight challenge considering my lack of mid-2000s pieces, but I ended up with a chic striped shirt and a pair of black jeans. Hopefully Rory would approve! After lab I had a small break before my next class, so I decided to get a Gilmore-worthy snack, a S'mores Pop-Tart and some coffee, while I worked on my study guide for my upcoming Biology 140 test.

Like Rory Gilmore my schedule keeps me busy, so after studying I headed off to my third class of the day. Thanks to the coffee I was able to stay awake and focused for all of it. Then I went and grabbed some dinner and, sticking to my Gilmore diet, grabbed some BBQ chicken bites and mac-and-cheese. I did some more studying before my last class of the day, finishing up an online chemistry assignment. After my last class, I went back to my apartment and celebrated the end of a long day by snacking on some candy and watching some Gilmore Girls.  

In conclusion, I definitely felt more productive channeling my inner Rory and making sure to spend all of my free time studying, but I also felt the freshman 15 haunting me with all the unhealthy food and my bank account cringing every time I buy coffee. From now on I’m definitely going to try and study like Rory every day, but leave the coffee to the Gilmore Girls.