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I made a profile for Princess Jasmine on Tinder: Here’s what happened

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at JMU chapter.

I was bored one Saturday night so I decided to create a profile for Princess Jasmine on Tinder and see if I could get any matches. I blurred out the names for privacy reasons, but the results were simultaneously hilarious and cringe-worthy:

1. The Fanboy

I think I made this guy’s childhood dream of talking to princess jasmine finally come true

2. The Perfect Duet

This guy either knows all the lyrics by heart and was waiting for his moment to shine, or copy and pasted straight from googlee…either way I was amused.

3. Mr. “Smooth”

“Princess Jasmine is on tinder? I’ll totally get her digits bro… easy”

and lastly, a Tinder classic

Okay, this was to expected…but you have to admit this gif fit perfectly for the situation. 

Thoughts? I didn’t expect half as many responses as I got which made the whole situation even more hilarious. Who knows maybe I’ll see how many swipes Elsa can get!



I am an English major obsessed with fashion, iced coffee, and Disney movies. You can most likely find me in a coffee shop editing on my computer, or taking #OOTD pics for my instagram.