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Ladies and gentlemen, after a long-awaited return, your authority on all things Gossip Girl is back. Did you miss me? Trick question, of course you did!


So what’s the latest update you ask? Well, after kicking myself for weeks because I didn’t visit Dan’s loft while in Brooklyn for Her Conference, I knew I had unfinished business in the city. For a girl who lives by the mantra, “What Would Blair Waldorf Do?”, I’d really been slacking. I decided to carve some time out of my schedule and book a flight to New York, to restore the trust of my loyal fans. Restaurant tour part 2? Absolutely.



After seeing a phenomenal Broadway show at the Music Box Theatre, I decide to take a little five minute stroll to a place called Butter. You may recall the episode, “The Blair Bitch Project.” Yes, Butter is indeed the place where Blair got the fake invite to Jenny’s birthday dinner. ”Spotted: Blair Waldorf alone at Butter. Humiliated, party of one.” After that major blow, Blair, being her usual conniving self, contacted Rufus to help throw Jenny a birthday party at the loft, eventually leaving Little J all alone, with the rest of the minions following Blair to Butter. 



Now that we’ve got the recap out of the way, let’s talk drinks. I had a couple of Moscow Mules, which were delicious by the way, while my mom enjoyed some wine. As we chatted and took in our beautiful surroundings, I enjoyed the photo-ops of the Butter sign and menu, but ultimately chose not to stay for dinner and here’s why. Despite being a beautiful place, Butter Midtown is not the restaurant’s original location. Butter Midtown is actually the second location, which opened its doors in November 2013 after the original, Butter Noho, closed its doors for restorations and never returned. “The Blair Bitch Project” episode aired in April of 2008, so I can unfortunately confirm that none of us will be visiting the O.G. Butter anytime soon. 



Lucky for you all, I didn’t let this minor concern set me back. I had my list of every Gossip Girl spot known to man pulled out immediately, and got to work. I decided the second spot of the night had to be STK. STK was not only beautiful, but we found out they were participating in NYC Restaurant Week, which was music to our ears.

You might be wondering, where does STK come in among the whole Gossip Girl mess of things? I’ll gladly tell you! So, remember Amanda? It’s likely that you don’t. Amanda is the girl that Dan met, soon after one of his many splits from Serena. Dan and his new friend Amanda went on a date to STK. In efforts to make Dan jealous, Serena showed up too, with Blair as backup. Unknown to Serena, Blair’s enlisted the minions to do a little damage control. After watching everything unfold before them, Penelope and Is decided to find their own solution. Yes, this is where we get the infamous “Nairtini”, which Penelope threw onto Amanda’s long, brunette locks. An even bigger bombshell, we later find out Amanda was hired by Chuck to seduce Dan. 


Now, time for drinks. I ordered the “Cucumber Stiletto” cocktail, which was served in a martini glass and garnish with a shocking twist, a cucumber. All jokes aside, this was one of the best drinks I’ve ever had.


Next, dinner. In true restaurant week fashion, they had a special menu for the occasion. This included an appetizer, entree, and dessert options. I chose the tuna tartare for my appetizer which was absolutely incredible. All tuna lovers should drop everything and run over to STK right now and try it. Seriously, start sprinting. For my entree, I had the Branzino, which is European Sea Bass. Again, no complaints here. This meal was a solid 10/10. Next came dessert. I thought I ordered a simple chocolate chip cookie, but was shocked to see a chocolate chip cookie in the shape of a muffin, topped with vanilla ice cream. It was fabulous. STK, I love you. You now have my whole heart.


That’s all I have for you today. And who am I? That’s one secret I’ll never tell. You know you love me.



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Carley Prendergast was born and raised in Virginia Beach, Virginia. She is currently pursuing a B.A. in Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication at James Madison University. She is passionate about all things fashion and media and would love to incorporate that into a journalistic profession in the future.
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