How to Put the "Party" in "Study Party"

The weather is getting warmer, the sun is staying out longer, and dragging yourself to the library is getting much harder. You don’t want to let your grades slip right at the end of the semester, especially with finals week knocking on the door. Here are eight tips to help you put the “party” in "study party," as well as make the most out of your time hitting the books.

1. Study with friends, but be selective- Pick those friends that will keep you on task and motivate you to work, not those that will want to analyze a text from her boyfriend over and over or convince you to take Buzzfeed quizzes for an hour. 

2. Snacks/water- Allowing yourself a little nibble every now and then helps the study time pass more pleasantly. Keep mint gum around too; mint flavor awakens the brain! Nothing slows down studying like being dehydrated, so keep sipping on H20 during your study party. 

3. Find your place- The JMU campus offers an array of areas in which to study that vary in volume and view. From two libraries, Festival (have you seen those floor to ceiling windows??), the hallways in HHS, the SSC, tables outside of Dukes and Market One, the Quad and various coffee shops downtown, you don’t have to just sit at a desk! 

4. Have a white board- Being able to write on a white board opens up a world of possibilities in terms of colorful charts, diagrams and labeling. It makes erasing mistakes easier and writing class notes a second time will really embed them in your brain. Did you know there are even group study rooms in the Student Success Center that have walls entirely made up of white boards?! Check out their website to book a room. 

5. Good tunes- Whether classical, country, or rap, you can find YouTube playlists to last through hours and hours of studying. I personally use rain sound generators and apps to relax me during a stressful night in the library. 

6. Coffee- Wouldn’t be an all-nighter without a good old cup of joe. 

7. Phone basket- Have everyone at the table put their phones in a basket or backpack on the ground away from sight. There’s nothing you’re going to miss by not checking Twitter for two hours. 

8. Break for achievements, not time- Instead of rewarding yourself for every hour of work, give yourself break times for completing a certain assignment or reading a given number of pages.

As much as we dread it sometimes, studying doesn’t always have to be a drag. Follow some of these tips and you’ll be acing your tests in no time! You can do it collegiettes!