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How to Make Snow Cream!

It wasn’t until I transferred to JMU, and the snowy season arrived, that I discovered that snow cream was known by very few. And by few, I mean those that live anywhere south of Harrisonburg (which isn’t many!). Ask anyone north of Harrisonburg and you get puzzled looks, or at least that’s my experience.

I can’t image a winter without snow cream, and it’s mostly because it is such a simple recipe. It’s made with milk, sugar, vanilla extract, nutmeg, and SNOW of course! As far as measurements, I just add by taste.  Make use of the snow that we’ve had lately and throw a batch together. It may only be known by a handful of students, but those who try it are sure to love it!


Now there are many variations of snow cream, as you can see on Pinterest, and I’ve also discovered that Starbucks has their own too (i.e. a spin on the classic Vanilla Bean). But what is the fun if it’s as easy as pulling into a drive thru? Get your friends together and pass this recipe on!You are in the clear for this wintery season, but next year, just remember to avoid eating the first snow.

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