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Hottest Summer Do’s for All Types of Hair!

It’s almost that time of year ladies—time to get tan, in shape, relax and maybe even fall in love. However, one thing I have absolutely NO time for during the summer is worrying about my hair.
Whether you’re on your friend’s boat, lounging by the pool or strolling down the shore with your friends, the last thing you’re going to want to worry about is if your hair is a matted mess. These four hairstyles will keep you looking sexy and carefree all summer long!

The LC Braid
If you’ve ever watched Laguna Beach or The Hills, you have certainly seen the classic Lauren Conrad side-braid.  This ‘do is absolutely perfect for beachy summertime hair and will keep your bangs off your face when that breeze is blowing.  Just take the front strands of your hair and braid it to the side, pin up it with bobby pins and you’re set! You can then even fashion this style with a messy bun to keep your hair off your neck.

The Classic Messy Bun
Tossing it up into a high messy bun after jumping out of the water can be a cute and simple solution for any type of hair; especially when you want to avoid getting it full of sand! After getting out of the water, simply use your towel to shake out excess water from your hair. Then pull your hair either up high or down low and fasten it with a hair tie, letting pieces fall out all around. This style looks cute and messy in all the right ways!

The Low Side Braid
A simple loose side braid is definitely one of my all time favorite styles for when my hair looks a mess. It’s especially awesome in the summer for when you get out of the water and your hair looks terrible but you want it to look cute later! Simply pull your hair to favor one side and braid loosely. Later on when you take out the braid, you’ll have loose waves for a hot beachy look.

The Bun With a Headband
Messy buns are great, but I know my biggest problem is that my bangs sometimes make it difficult for that style alone to be effective in taming my hair.  They always end up falling out into my face! A simple and cute solution to this is to use skinny colored headbands with your bun. First, put your hair into a messy bun, leaving it poofed a little at the top. Then add one or two headbands for a great look that will keep those annoying fly-aways out of your face!
Don’t add stress to your summer! Any of these styles will have you looking good from those hot summer days to those even steamier summer nights! 

I'm currently a Senior WRTC major and Human Resource Development minor at James Madison University. I'm an executive member of Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority and also an executive member of the Human Resource Development Club. I've been involved in HerCampus JMU since my freshman year and am from New Fairfield, CT!
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