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Holiday Morning Habits To You Get In The Festive Mood


Here's a round up of holiday morning habits that are sure to instill some (much needed) cheer: 

Play holiday tunes first thing

For some it’s podcasts, for others it’s music. For me, right now, it's Christmas jams. I swear it makes it easier to get out of bed. It’s like staring in your own personal Christmas movie. I usually opt for the Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby vibes but I must say, Michael Buble knows what he’s doing when it comes to the Christmas classics. You can’t be anything but in a good mood when starting off the day with the sounds of the holidays. 

Light holiday candles around your space

Candles are a year-round habit for me, however, there’s something about filling your space with the smells of the holidays first thing in the morning to get you in the mood. I’ve tried many different brands but nothing compares to Bath & Body Works holiday candles. There, I said it….

Turn on a yule log

In the past couple years, this has become routine around the holidays. From the end of November on, I have a yule log on the TV pretty much every day. For those of you who don’t have a fireplace this sets a mood that is indescribable. Trust me, just try it. You can find so many on YouTube and even Netflix. There are some with just crackling fire, smooth jazz, christmas classics and more.

Make yourself a warm beverage

Another year round must for me is coffee. But especially in the cold winter months of the holiday season, starting off your morning with a nice warm beverage (in your favorite holiday mug) while curling up by the fire (or yule log) is the most relaxed morning setting.

Decorate your space

I’m heavily affected by my environment, so decorating my space for the holidays is a must. Throw on some festive pillows and blankets, place around some mini trees and string lights. Big mood booster.

Put on some cozy festive attire

I’m always cold in the mornings so socks are definitely a habit for me. But grabbing a fuzzy, festive pair just adds to the special cozy holiday morning experience.

Make your mornings magical this holiday season!

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