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Halloween Costumes You Can do on a Budget

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With Halloween just around the corner many people are putting together the final touches on their Halloween costumes, thinking about their Halloween costumes, or have forgotten that Halloween was this close and are now panicking about said costumes. However, there is no need to fear! These costumes are super quick, easy to pull together on a budget, and can be accomplished with the clothes already in your possession and a quick trip to the Dollar Store.


A classic for a reason! Putting together a great witch costume doesn’t need a ton of glitz and glamour, you just need an all-black outfit and a witch’s hat! Since witches are one of the hallmarks of Halloween, you can easily find a witch’s hat to go with your favorite black outfit or dress at almost every store this time of year.


The great thing about fairy costumes is that all you need is a wand and a pair of wings and then the look is complete! You could theme the look more by putting together an outfit themed around one of the Pixie Hollow fairies (my personal favorite was always Silvermist), or simply just put a pair of wings on your favorite outfit and go out!


Another costume that requires minimal effort is going as a princess! All a princess needs is her crown, and that means any crown you pair with an outfit makes you an instant princess. Similar to the fairy idea, you could theme your outfit around a particular fictional princess, or just go as princess you! Bonus points, however, if you wear a white dress and headphones and go as Princess Mia Thermopolis.


A final incredibly easy costume to put together is one based around the icon herself, Barbie! While you could model your Halloween costume after one of Margot Robbie’s iconic Barbie looks, you could also go as any one of Barbie’s numerous professions! Barbie is known for having done it all, so you could reasonably go as any one of Barbie’s professions and throw a splash of pink in! Barbie can be anything, and so can you!

Isabel is currently an English major at JMU who loves dancing, crocheting, and reading romance novels. You can find her working on a new project, trying to make a dent in her TBR, or rolling dice at her weekly D&D sessions.