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Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas

1) Makeup

Because you can never have enough makeup.


2) Perfume or Lotion

A lot of people enjoy scents that are citrusy, vanilla or floral.


3) Candy

Everyone is happy to get candy!


4) Money or Gift cards

This is a great option because for one, you can never go wrong with money and two they are guaranteed to like it.


5) Fuzzy Socks

To keep the dogs warm during the winter months.


6) Nail Polish

Just like makeup, you can never have enough nail polish colors.


7) Jewelry

Because winter isn’t the only thing that has to be cold.

Hi I'm Sydney! I'm 18 and from Newport News Virginia. I am a health sciences major with a minor in Pre-Medicine. My favorite foods are cheeseburgers, chocolate milkshakes and market salads from chick-fila! In my free time I like to hang out with friends, shop at Forever 21 and watch Shameless on Netflix.
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