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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at JMU chapter.

We have a month left until Spring (March 19th) which means it is time to switch out your closet. Those sweaters have done a great job of keeping you warm and fashionable this past winter, but they’re ready to be put away. Let them go stay in your storage and get those warm clothes bins out. The best part of this is that half the time you forgot what you actually have for spring clothes and so it’s just like Christmas morning. Sometimes when the clothes get unpacked and you actually see what you have it can be disappointing. That cute top can now be outdated, not fit right, or not exactly your style now. That’s okay, have no worries there are options!

Go thrift shopping

You can easily find your style at any thrift store. It gives you the chance to try trends you wouldn’t normally try because of the high prices. If you buy a top you end up not vibing with you can just donate it and only three dollars was spent on something you wanted to try. You are able to save so much money and you are reducing pollution. Most thrift stores also donate to charity, so overall it’s a huge win-win while shopping. 

Have a clothing exchange with friends

Go through all of your clothes, accessories, hats, shoes, and whatever else you aren’t a huge fan of anymore and put it in a pile. Text a couple of your friends to do the same and order a pizza. Now you have a girls night planned that will result in your old clothes leaving, new clothes filling in the spot, and lots of laughter. Whatever isn’t traded you can sell at a yard sale or donate at a local thrift store! 

Refresh your current clothes

Trends come and go so fast it can be hard to catch up. If the trends aren’t changing then your personal style probably is. This can lead to having a closet full of clothes and thinking you have nothing to wear. That is a disaster that we do not have time for in 2020. If you have a sewing machine get it out because you are going to work some magic on it. Cut up a pair of jeans and turn them into skirts or shorts. Cut up two pairs of jeans, one dark and one light,  and switch them up so you have a one of a pair kind with two colors. No sewing machine? No worries. You can tie dye a black t-shirt with bleach to make it look like a new shirt! Cut other shirts and turn them into crop tops or you can even make them into halters. The possibilities are endless!

Make a budget and stick with it

Staying away from online shopping can be very, very hard. It’s even harder when you get those emails telling you there’s 24 hours of free shipping. Then in your head you tell yourself you deserve to treat yourself and all of a sudden there’s $100 worth of clothes in your cart, but don’t worry the shipping is free! This spring you could be putting that money toward your career or school so create a budget. If you budget yourself you’ll be less likely to buy clothes and will only purchase items that you just simply must have. You won’t have to stay away from the stores, but you will just have to manage your money! 

Spring cleaning is a great excuse to go through your closet. If you don’t like it then get rid of it. Get organized and set your closet up for success. The only thing worse than not having anything to wear is not being able to find an outfit in a messy closet. Get excited for cleaning and short sleeved shirts. With a new season comes a new wardrobe!

Kate is majoring in writing, rhetoric, and technical communication and minoring in entrepreneurship. You can usually find her at Starbucks and listening to true crime podcasts.
School of Media Arts and Design student with a concentration in Interactive Design. Campus Correspondent for the JMU chapter of Her Campus, Campus Coordinator for Rent the Runway on Campus, and Social Media Marketing Intern for Auntie Anne's.