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Four Ways to Start Freshman Year off Right!

For many of us collegiettes™, we are in the process of returning to our apartments, reuniting with friends we haven’t seen all summer, and deciding on what to wear on the first day of class. However, as the beaches slowly start to empty and the store shelves are piled up with back to school items, the return of the school year brings a completely different experience for college freshmen!

 As you haul the contents of your life into your new dorm, with new people, in a new place, the anxiety starts to set in.  But have no fear; once you learn the ropes, freshman year can be one of the best years of your life! After talking to other girls who have gone through the process of starting college, making new friends, and taking college classes, we all agreed on these four tips on how to start your year at JMU off right!

Join Clubs
JMU is known for its extreme amount of school spirit that spreads through campus. Between joining a sorority, getting involved with student government, or even joining the break dancing club, the opportunities to get involved on campus are endless – one of the best ways to make friends at JMU. With so many different activities for different people, this is the one time in your life where you can try anything you want and branch out!
Make Friends in Your Classes
The transition between high school and college can be hard for a college freshman, and even slightly intimidating. Going from a thirty-person classroom to a large lecture hall where the teacher doesn’t even know your name can be scary, but having someone there with you can help. It may be awkward trying to meet people when you don’t know them, but they will be happy to have a friend too. If you ever have to miss class, you will have someone who can give you their notes and assignments. Having a study partner doesn’t hurt either!
Go to the Library
The library is not only a great place to study, but also a great place to meet new people. Studying in your dorm room can be distracting and the library is a great place to go for peace and quiet, group meetings, and even a hot latte from Starbucks. Whether you are on Team Carrier or Team ECL, you will find that the library can be a social scene, or your ticket to straight A’s.

Explore Harrisonburg
Harrisonburg may be very different from your hometown, but it has a lot to offer and is definitely worth exploring. Downtown has numerous cute stores, like The Yellow Button and Duo, and many restaurants too. Downtown Harrisonburg restaurants can satisfy every pallet, from Italian to Greek to Ethiopian! You can even venture out of Harrisonburg and take a swim in Blue Hole or a hike at Reddish Knob.
It will take time to adjust to freshman year, but by following these tips, your adjustment will be a fun and exciting new adventure as a JMU duke!

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