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First Down: Learn Some Football

All right ladies… it’s that time of year. Real winter temperatures are setting in, snow is starting to fall, and you’re cozy at your place wondering why your guy isn’t there with you. I’ll tell you why! To be perfectly honest, he doesn’t want to be around all your roommates talking about how the first week of classes went. He doesn’t want to watch chick-flicks and glamorous upcoming award shows. No. He’s ready for some football!
Not just any football… the NFL PLAYOFFS football! What better way to a guy’s heart? The golden ticket, the perfect key, the yellow brick road is being able to have a decent conversation about sports. Fortunately, now is the perfect time to get your head in the game.
Instead of staring at social media sites all day, meander your way over to ESPN.com or download NFL Mobile for your iPhone. Get the low down on who’s playing whom, who’s the team to beat, and which team belongs to which conference. (I doubt anyone would mind reading a thing or two about Tom Brady or his Uggs.) Learn what a “Quarterback Sneak” is or how scoring a “Safety” works.  If anything, at least learn that “BJ” on the back of the ref’s shirt stands for “Back Judge!”

So make your way to his place for this weekend’s games. Don’t talk about how Aaron Rogers from the Packers is so amazingly good looking, but focus on the game and actually know what “down” they’re on. Of course mention Tim Tebow, too. But before you go, make some buffalo chicken dip and bring some tortilla chips. Not only will your guy be impressed, but his roommates will love you as well.
Heck, maybe he will watch more chick-flicks with you.
Tune in for this weekend’s upcoming games…

Conference Championship Matchups Time and Channel
AFC Baltimore Ravens versus 3:00 pm ET
AFC New England Patriots on CBS
NFC New York Giants versus 6:30 pm ET
NFC San Francisco 49ers on FOX
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