Female Empowerment Messages Inspired by Olivia Pope

After watching the hit TV show, Scandal, I felt motivated to make a difference. Not for the obvious reason of working in the White House and serving the American people like most of the characters on this show, but to be a more empowered woman.



Kerry Washington's character, Olivia Pope, is a female empowerment icon. She's confident in her abilities to accomplish any task that's presented to her based on her skill level, not her gender.



Don't bother telling her what she can't do because she's always up for a challenge.



She knows the best way to get something done that's up to her standards is to do it herself, and she works tirelessly until it's done.



She doesn't allow people to walk all over her or toy with her emotions for their own benefit. 



She shows that it's okay to not always be okay. We all need mental health breaks every once in a while.



She knows that the type of people she surrounds herself with is important, so she chooses to be around people that will build her up and support her.



Last but not least, she knows her worth and will never settle for less.