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February 13th: Happy Galentine’s Day!

What comes to mind when you think of Valentine’s Day? Probably something along the lines of a candlelit dinner with your significant other, receiving flowers and chocolate and watching mushy, romantic films. Valentine’s day doesn’t always have to be about spending the night with a special someone. Instead, make it about spending it with the ones you care about and celebrating the relationships you have.

If you’re single this Valentines day, don’t mope around in envy of those who do have romantic dates booked for the night. Grab your closest girlfriends and spend the evening together, spoiling each other with gifts or treating yourselves to a day of pampering.

Get creative with the evening and do something fun!

Here are some activities you can try for ‘Galentine’s Day’ this year.

Go out to a fancy dinner with your best gal pals and get all dressed up for the occasion. You’ll have fun beautifying yourself while getting to enjoy an awesome dinner that you won’t have to cook for yourself. If you want to save some money, split the cost of ingredients and make a meal together at home!

Treat yourselves during the day with a mani/pedi. Now that the semester has really started, you’re probably up to your head with projects and tests, so take a moment to relax and let somebody else attend to you for a little while.

Have a wine night with the girls. Grab the latest rom-com and dish the gossip that you don’t have time to discuss during your busy weeks.

If you’re looking to go out, then take a night on the town and go bar hopping. If that’s not your thing, then just go explore the area and shop the boutiques downtown while grabbing dessert at a place you’ve never eaten at.

Another cute idea could be to make all your girlfriends a goody bag to show them that you’re thinking about them on this day. The ones that don’t have significant others to spend the holiday with this year will appreciate this gift. Fill it with their favorite candies, baked goods, nail polish and other fun items. It’s always more fun to receive hand made gifts, so get creative and craft personalized gifts for each of your friends!

If you want to do something simple, just write each of your girls a little note or letter, telling them how much they mean to you and why they’re an amazing friend. I guarantee that anyone would appreciate a genuine letter from a friend.

Spread the love! Speaking of telling your friends why they rock, don’t just consider the friends that are in close proximity. Think about the long distance relationships that you might have trouble keeping up with on a regular basis and give those friends a call! If there’s ever a good time to catch up with an old pal, why not on Valentine’s Day when we’re supposed to be spreading the love?

Galentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about having just one evening of fun. Why not make it a whole weekend of celebrations? Plan a getaway trip with your friends and explore a new place. It’ll be nice to get away for a while and take a much-needed break from your college town. There are so many places with fun shopping, cool historical sites, or (if you have the time and money) take a mini tropical getaway!

Although Valentine’s Day always comes with the stigma that it’s about celebrating a romantic relationship, the true point of the holiday is to celebrate the ones you love and the relationships you have with them, whether it be friends, family or a significant other.

Most importantly, don’t forget that taking the time to show others how much you care about them isn’t allotted to one night of the year.

Make it a point to appreciate the people you have in your life every day!


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