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Fabulous Fall Fashion Trends

“Back to school” is the perfect excuse to do some serious shopping! Because looking that fabulous takes some work, we’ve compiled the cutest looks for fall semester! 

Cropped Tees and Dolmans
Yes, they’re back from the 80s…and from the 90s…well, who can resist them for more than a decade or two?? Take these cute tops from day to night by replacing your short shorts with dark skinny jeans and heels. Add a dramatic necklace or bracelet for simple flair without going overboard!

Mixing Girly with Military
This trend is still going strong, and it’s easy to tell why. Take a floral skirt or dress (very big this season) and pair with a boyfriend blazer or combat boots. Alternatively, pair a dress worthy of Rihanna with simple girly touches, like a neutral cardigan or oxfords. Be sure to minimize accessories if you go with this look – you don’t want to look like you’re in an identity crisis!


Lace Shorts and White Pants
The lace shorts of the summer are still hot for September. When the weather starts to cool, replace them with white pants. Nearly any outfit looks more fashion forward with these bottoms!

Remember, being in style doesn’t have to break your bank! Be sure to check out places like Plato’s Closet, TJ Maxx, Ross, Target, and Marshall’s for some inexpensive, cute finds!

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