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Exploring Valentine’s Day: Ideas and Reasoning

First of all… why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day? Who exactly is this Saint Valentine? Middle Ages, chivalry, Geoffrey Chaucer, blah, blah, blah. But let’s be honest. Valentine’s Day represents a number of different things that can lead to a variety of circumstances. With only twenty-one years under my belt, I’ve come to learn that Valentine’s Day has countless options that you’ll find yourself relating to.

Option One: Honeymooners

Valentine’s Day is going to be a blissful, loving and beautiful day for you and your special love bug. You tend to reminisce about your relationship and start to relive why you’re together. Obviously, an exchange of nice gifts is in order, along with a nice dinner, which most likely will lead to something even nicer after dinner. Essentially, you and your guy make everyone sick with your happiness. Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Option Two: Celebrate, Just Because

This is the one day, besides your birthday and Christmas, that your man goes out of his way to show you how much he “truly cares.” He learned from Pepé Le Pew and bought you typical flowers, while you bought him typical cologne. Unfortunately, after Valentine’s Day, it’s as if it never happened. Everything goes back to normal and the relationship routine begins again. Wamp, wamp, wamp.
Option Three: Emotionally Unstable

On the morning of Tuesda
y, February 14, 2012, you’ll wake up and already hate the day. With this state of mind, it’s natural to already wish it were Wednesday. Don’t bother showering, just wear sweatpants all day. (Not the sexy yoga pants, but big, baggy ones with a giant sweatshirt.) You’re not sure why you’re single and hate the fact that you are. You’ve somehow managed to convince yourself that there are no boys at JMU, and it’s not your fault you’re staying home eating Ben & Jerry’s. It’s the guys’ fault, because it just is.

Thankfully, this year, Valentine’s Day falls on Assessment Day… no classes for your bummed out state of mind! 

Option Four: Single Lady Confidence

Then of course, there’s the “Who needs a boyfriend… I got my girlfriends?” Let’s be honest… again. Every one of you and your single girlfriends wish a handsome man were wooing them. Instead, you’ve convinced each other that you’re young and need to be single! That you should all stay home, drink wine and watch a chick-flick. Conveniently enough, The Vow just so happens to be coming out on this meaningful holiday. Of course, after watching Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams fall in love, twice, you’ll be SO happy that you’re single… NOT!
So now what? You’ve picked your option and don’t know what to do. Even if you are an emotionally unstable option three, you still need to celebrate! Here are a few options to explore for each scenario…
If you fall under option one, do something cute for your man and make it come from your heart, not the store. Stuff his room with balloons, put a secret message in one or two of them. Write something funny, romantic and sexy. You’ll have fun watching him look like an idiot popping all of them. Or make a poem poster board using candy. I’ve personally done this before and it went over quite well!

For option two, make sure you don’t fall for the spell ladies! Don’t get flowers because it’s Valentine’s Day! Get flowers because it’s a Tuesday! Spice things up a bit, even after this forced holiday. Show him that and hopefully he’ll do the same. In the meantime, enjoy the attention! 

For option three, you could always be like Jessica Biel and Jennifer Garner and beat the crap out of a piñata. You need to do something to deal with your hateful emotions. You never know, maybe the guy you order the piñata from will be your next date! Open your eyes a little bit and explore the options out there. There are guys out there… well maybe not at JMU, but Virginia Tech is down the street!

Finally, if you fall under option four, this is when things get tough. You simply can’t refuse to go see The Vow – it’s Channing Tatum! And you simply can’t refuse to be around your friends. Convincing them that being single is awesome is probably a weekly conversation.

We have to do these things! So maybe the best option is just to bite the chocolate – give in and celebrate with your closest friends. Laugh, cry, eat and definitely go watch Channing and his Tatum! 

I’m sure there are many different options out there and you may not qualify under these four, that’s understandable. But, if you do qualify (like I do), I expect to see some of you in the movie theatre!
Happy Valentine’s Day… or not?
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